How to Make your own – Sassy Water

Add some Sassy into your life today!

Sassy Water

This is so simple so lets make some right now. Get any vessel for holding water in your fridge. Quickly chop up lemons, limes, cucumber, mint, garlic. You can add ginger, blueberries, strawberries or whatever takes your fancy however I try to keep it clean and simple with first 5 ingredients given. There are no rules to the chopping as the Sassy Water is so good you want to jump right in and make your first batch right away. Simply pop all your ingredients into your vessel, add water and into the fridge it goes. Leave overnight and in the morning before anything else give yourself a nice shot of the water – if you want you can let the water warm up somewhat as warm water is good for you and enjoy for an awesome start to your day or anytime of the day.  Lemon is super cleansing so enjoy lots of Sassy Water anytime. I find the ingredients will last up to 4 days so I simply add more water over and over until I know the ingredients are done. I then use the ingredients to scrub the sink with the remains and either pop into your garbage recycling, worm farm, compost or any easy way of disposal that works for you.

Excellent cleansing and clearing water for your bodies good health. You can enjoy Sassy Water any time of the day with benefits for the whole family and friends to enjoy.

Make variations yourself and definitely have fun.