D-Licious Soup

Recipe, Design and Photo by Suzanne

Its getting cold around here and soups come back onto the menu for warm comfy food to warm the body from the inside. This soup was born of a previous Potato Leek Soup. I made the broth from a base of the Potato Leek Soup and dropped into the saucepan chunks of onions, a variety of dried beans, legumes, quinoa, celery coarsely chopped, baby tomato’s chopped added some water stirred and tempted into a slow easy bubbling broth with all the yummy fillings. Stir in a Tbsp. Miso and give the broth a shot of red wine to flavor. Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. Leave it alone apart from a few loving stirs with a wooden spoon.

When ready – serve piping hot in a beautiful bowl top with Nutritional Yeast and lots of freshly chopping quality garlic. I added some freshly chopped shallots to this one too Serve in a warm bowl is a very nice added feature – there is nothing worse than serving soup in a cold bowl – that’s a pet peeve of mine. I always pop the bowls on the stove as the soup is building it start warming of them.

We all said ” it’s so D-Licious”. So D-Licious is my name for this soup. No two soups taste alike this is important and why I like to make soups from scratch or bend recipes.

Have fun play with your recipe and make your soup with attention and love in mind – I believe the soup is a reflection of the maker. A little goes a long way.

Serve with some corn chips or really good bread toasted.

Make a big pot and perhaps freeze some for a later time like when you arrive home from a tropical holiday have some that you can quickly pull out from the fridge – ah we’re home!


P.F. Chang’s – Waikiki – Good For Vegetarians/Vegans

Vegetarian Lettuce Wrap

Below is a small sample from their menu. We like it here as it offers good selection for Vegans with the staff very helpful in a great location offering open tiki torch deck and plenty of room inside with a huge upstairs. It is very busy however it doesn’t take long, especially for small groups e.g. couples, three or four in your group. We had to wait for maybe 10 minutes and that was fine – good people watching  🙂 or enjoying a drink from the bar … Warm welcoming place accommodating those with different food interests. Not full Vegan or Vegetarian. This is one of the few places we found that caters for Vegans/Vegetarians with more than just hummus and chips or avocado. We have enjoyed the Buddha Feast, the Mushroom Combo, Asparagus small plates along with the Tofu Lettuce Wrap.

vegetarian MA PO TOFU
Sichuan’s famous dish of crispy silken tofu in a vegetarian sauce with steamed broccoli 11.5

vegetarian BUDDHA’S FEAST
Vegetable medley with five-spice tofu served steamed or stir-fried 9.95

Stir-fried mixed vegetables, crispy silken tofu and peanuts in a vegetarian coconut curry sauce 10.95

vegetarian spicy STIR-FRIED EGGPLANT
Tossed with scallions in a savory chili pepper sauce 10.95

vegetarian spicy VEGETABLE CHOW FUN
Soft, wide rice noodles and vegetables in a vegetarian sauce 11.5

Our fried rice in a savory vegetarian sauce 12.5

Spicy and Vegetarian Legend View our Nutritional Information
All entrees are served with a choice of steamed brown or white rice.

If you have a food allergy or special dietary restrictions, please notify a manager or chef and we will try to accommodate you.

Hawaii (Waikiki)Traveler Vegan Food Finds from Ruffage Natural Foods and Alaska Airlines

We flew to Hawaii on Alaska Airlines and we noted last time that they offer a Vegan/Vegetarian Pack which is pretty good and includes these yummy olives, hummus pack, corn chips, dark chocolate piece in a 100% recycled cardboard box pack. For a short flight this works well and costs $6 paid by CC (no cash). NOTE: Alaska Airlines does separate waste in flight for recycling and I found out they gathered enough last year for 3 more jets or plenty of upgrades which they appear to be always doing – so that’s kinda cool and a two thumbs up for their initiatives in this area.

Ruffage Natural Foods in Waikiki area offers good options for Vegans/Vegetarians – here is the Acai Banana Bowl we had for breakfast with Acai, Blueberries, Banana and Granola – we took out the honey but that is usually on this item.  Cost $6.99 for small (picture shows the small) and $8.99 for large and could share.

Pictured above is the Super Antioxidant Smoothy which was Banana, Papaya, Acai, Goji, Pomegranate, Noni and Mangosteen. It’s pretty good. We also had the Organic Peanut Butter with Banana Smoothy which is excellent for a good protein starter of the day.  Cost $5.99 and could share.

Tofu Scrambler with Toast from Ruffage which had Earth Balance Butter. Note the toast is nothing special no grains just a plain brown bread but it did the trick and we don’t eat much bread so that was different and wished they offered better bread but hey travel as Vegan is often an interesting challenge. Cost $8.99 and could share.

Ruffage sells the Kombucha Drinks with a good selection – I tried this one for the first time the Grape and Chia Kombucha – its AWESOME!

Ruffage Natural Foods offers what the Vegan / Vegetarian traveler wants. You can expect the food to be pretty good for the most part however the customer service experience is lacking from the owner and her staff. Don’t expect a big smile and warm welcome with conversation.  To be honest we have been there enough to know that we only only certain items and have low expectations from a customer service experience. They offer a health food store style with vitamins and bags of nuts, chips, assortment of drinks, chocolates, etc.  This not exclusive Vegan so know that animal products are on the menu which could pose a challenge to some.

I recommend the Smoothies, The Tofu Scramble, The Veggie Burrito and that’s about it.

All in all Hawaii can be difficult if you want more than fruit and basic salads for Vegan travelers so you do have to make some efforts to look around and ask questions (the shops offering smoothies or acai bowls are made with yogurts so DO ASK QUESTIONS) or go to the supermarket which we do and get some items that suit you. Restaurants are big on seafood and meats. Perhaps changes are slowly coming so look for it, ask for it and give feedback for it.

We didn’t starve nor did we spend alot of cash on food. We were wanting to eat well on a budget and we did with some effort and work it was all good and of course mainly we were there for beach sun fun and the food was secondary but still important.

Always have fun and make the experience a good one.

All photos by Suzanne expect for the image below which is a postcard I found.

November 1st is World Vegan Day – November is World Vegan Month

World Vegan Day


November 1944

The word ‘vegan’ and the world’s first ever Vegan Society were created in November 1944, in England, by Donald Watson and his esteemed colleagues.

Check it out: Here’s a first edition of the Vegan News from 1944. http://www.worldveganmonth.net – interesting read to note even then people were talking about humans eating diseased animals created for mass consumption and how to improve health by adopting the whole food plant based lifestyle. Plus care for the planets resources and health for the entire system of our home called earth. This is an interesting look into a time capsule and still relevant today.

I am sure there are many ways to get involved in your communities and if not than perhaps you will start something. Starting in your own home is a great place to start the Vegan lifestyle for one day one month one lifestyle the whole food plant based vegan lifestyle will offer you many benefits.

Share with family and friends the importance of this month – perhaps create a challenge together and for those non-vegans reading this maybe today is your day to take the leap of faith to the vegan lifestyle that you have been wanting to.

Have an excellent World Vegan Day / Month / Life.

Dish Da Lish

Creation of meal, presentation and photo by Suzanne

This is our Halloween meal which was so easy to make and much yum O to enjoy.  Here we have the obvious last of the season corn for around these parts. I topped the corn with a mix I made of coconut oil and nutritional yeast (this is an excellent tasty alternative to the traditional butter). We will also find on our plate beautiful stone ground whole grain corn organic gluten free tortilla chips along with fresh slices of cucumber. To this I added a bunch of tasty flash toasted squash and last nights meal Tomato Bean Rice Dream which is posted on my blog. I topped the it all with some fresh lavender a sprinkle of chia seeds flakes of nutritional yeast and well let me tell you – its all gone and we just loved it. So tasty so warm so fresh so good. This is the size of meal we would usually have these days. Perhaps at times we may have a small second round of oooo’s and aaaaah’s.  You can see this meal offers high nutrition along with a spectrum from different food groups. This meal took very little time and energy to make. This meal fed 3 adults. This meal was served on my beautiful handmade clay plates. We feel completely satisfied happy well nourished on a rainy night and now it’s time for a warm almond milk cacao hemp drink.

Scientists: Plant-Based Diets Can Cure Chronic Diseases

A recent article in Science Daily extols the latest research suggesting that a plant-based diet can cure and prevent chronic diseases.

I saw this article from Mercy for Animals to share with you. I have personally discovered the fountain of youth is in the plant based whole food lifestyle. This is not a diet for a short time this is a lifestyle for a lifetime. I believe from my results that once fully adopted brings incredible benefits to all bodies.

Myself I had a massive uterine fibroid that grew over several years to be so big it was crazy embarrassing. To note: I thought I ate well with only small amounts of animal consumption and rare if ever fast food e.g. I have not been to McDonald’s or those types of places for many years (10+).  As much as possible I ate mostly organic foods, I did yoga, hot yoga, gym workouts, weights, circuit training and my weight kept climbing and the fibroid kept growing and my weight didn’t move much. My body wasn’t well and other elements were showing such as high cholesterol levels and weight gain.

My doctor sent me to variety of tests and options for removing this beast that had grown in me. For me surgery was going to be my last option and the final piece that fell into play was to be a Vegan to turn to a full whole food plant based lifestyle.

I kept thinking why is this growing in me, what is causing this, something has to be triggering this growth? What is it? I changed to organic chicken, turkey, beef but that didn’t help. As soon as I moved to the vegan lifestyle right away things started to change – my body cleansed and cleansed and cleansed itself for months and now today 15 months later my tummy is flat my health is stellar my skin is beautiful I feel fantastic I have lost 40lbs I have amazing energy levels and the fibroid is so tiny if not fully gone that I can wear hip fitted clothes and step out like a rock star. A whole new me emerged.

No surgery no drugs no doctors no vitamins no hormone driven foods no production line skin care no animals and no animal products (milk for example is hidden in many “products” like sauces and even potato chips????). My doctor was amazed!!

I am so happy to have this new found lifestyle I truly hope that people around the world see the vegan lifestyle and the real options for health as this lifestyle. Who wants to be in a hospital who wants to be sick who wants to be aging and going into walkers who wants all these awful diseases? I don’t think anyone does. Do it for yourself, your partners, your children first and don’t let people push you around or tease you about it. Many many changes will come and part of the change if your discipline with this lifestyle is to own the path to your health fully and always.

I took control of my own body to regain health and today at 55 years old I can do anything including cycling in the rain running on the treadmill taking the stairmaster at the gym for 30 minutes taking the stairs as much as possible wherever I go laughing and enjoying life with less stress and much more empowerment. I love this whole food plant based lifestyle.


Tomato Bean Rice Dream

Photos, recipe, meal design by Suzanne

This is a beautiful and ever so simple stove top dish that is perfect for one or more people. This meal can make enough to store in the fridge and as we are not shy at all, take to work – it’s beautiful the next day as it is the first.

Tomato Bean Rice Dream

  • 1 cup rice add 2 cups water bring to boil and make rice as you normally would
  • in this case to the rice before boiling I added a handful of quinoa and some flakes of lavender

Meanwhile as the rice is doing it’s thing prepare the rest as follows:

  • in a pan add some coconut oil on a low heat (I always start the temperature on the lowest and bring up as the dish builds
  • add chopped onions, lots of garlic chopped , leek while bringing the dish to a simmering heat enough to create some lovely soft sizzle
  • once that is going add chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, any beans you choose (in this meal I put kidney beans
  • all the while keep stirring with your wooden spoon keeping the heat on a steady temperature enough to bring out the smells and gather the flavors together
  • once the rice is cooked add on top of the vegetables
  • to this add a dash of red wine mix that in along with water to keep things moist so not to burn
  • pop lid on let this simmer
  • ensure the meal stays moist so check regularly and add water with perhaps an extra dash of red wine for good luck
  • add in a healthy teaspoon of beautiful garlic pickle (we have a fabulous one that we put in everything) that has turmeric and other lovely spices from India made up in a paste
  • mix in the rice with the bean mix in the pan and keep rolling it over with your wooden spoon and stirring the juices and flavors together
  • to this add a small tin of tomato paste

Serve this meal in a warm bowl or plate and top with sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, a dash of garlic pickle, almond slivers. Frame with tortilla chips and some greens (I used cucumber as they are so good for you).

We always serve small bowls of beautiful food and we always keep some in the pan for same night leftovers. In this case, it’s getting cool around these parts, so I made enough for our daughter to take to school if she wants and for a re-creation tomorrow night.

This was a beautiful meal made with love on a slow cook burner turned and tumbled in a beautiful almost pie like creation that was met with oooooooooooooo’s and yummmmmmmmmm’s and hmmmmmmmmm’s and not a flake of anything left in the bowls. Total satisfaction according to the crew in my home. Two thumbs up – took little time got big results and excellent nutrition.

We love being Vegans.

Enjoy! Create! Have Fun!