Perhaps a storm coming?


Photo by Suzanne – January 2013

City waking up with early morning views from mountain slopes across harbor to city. Its very dark this time of year so the car and street lights play a huge role with lots of colors and vibrations to explore. Streetlights can take the place of sun in photos during our dark winter days. Add in nature’s own light show with the movement of people and its such a great time of year for photography.  Perhaps a storm coming?

Quote of the Week to start 2013

A Fresh Start

Woot Woot – A fresh start is available for you right now and anything you choose … make 2013 a fabulous year to start fresh – start anything fresh … all tiny steps lead to the bigger picture … its a wonderful feeling of freedom to have such a choice available … positive, fun, change … make it an awesome year

All Over The World – Song by ELO – Perfect to bring in a fun New Year for the world

I think this is a great song to turn up loud and get your dancing groove going to start 2013 with a fun positive vibe – I actually saw ELO do this back in the 70’s in Vancouver – they were awesome.

Sydney Australia welcomes in 2013


as the world turns celebrations to bring in the new year 2013 have already begun with Australia leading the way with their amazing harbor side firework display … these days I live in Vancouver, Canada however once upon a time I lived in Australia so I keep up to date on what’s going on there through curiosity and friends .. happy 2013

Guide to ‘Re-Seeing’ How Much You Eat

Food portions is a very important topic when it comes to calories and wellness. Our food portions have reduced significantly since becoming Vegans. We have really noticed the change of portions to the whole food plant based lifestyle that came naturally and without force. The better we eat the less we eat it was just a natural turnaround. Our plates have become smaller and we use bowls more. We just love the smaller portions the less washing up and the amazing energy we get from our good food.