Winter Blues and Hues


Photo by Suzanne – December 24, 2012 Ferry Travels


Seeing Sunset Silhouettes

November 24, 2012 Sunset 4:09:12pm. Vancouver, BC. What a crisp gorgeous day!

November 24, 2012 Sunset on the Seawall 4:09:26pm. Vancouver, BC. Wow!

November 24, 2012 Sunset on the Seawall 4:10:47pm. Vancouver, BC. Spot the float plane heading west!

This was a truly gorgeous day. Crisp. Fresh. Sunny. Short. Winter. Walking. Seawall. Gloves. Beautiful.

Photos by Suzanne

Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange – Photo by Suzanne November 2012

and so the night comes the sun goes; beautiful sunny crisp days offer incredible evening performances … I love this photo; so many sunsets so little time; right place right time; see the moment; seize it; cycled in and out to get this one .. awesome

Sunset Seabreeze IV

Nature’s Design – Photo by Suzanne

A very beautiful Vancouver day. Today was a pretty bright sunny cold day. I found myself on my bike in our beautiful Stanley Park towards nightfall enjoying a cascade of final fall colors of trees and leaves and an abundance of fresh air. The sunset gave this show for those of us watching.  Here is an image that I collected along the path of today’s bike ride. I will put up a few more to share. Hope you enjoy them. Vancouver, BC November 8, 2012.