Decadent Warm Fig Delight

Recipe, Design and Photo by Suzanne

This is an amazing delicious dessert perfect for cold winter nights after dinner. In this recipe I put everything into a beautiful earthen bowl and warmed in the oven. To the bowl I put chunks of vegan chocolate cake and broken pieces of vegan muffins in the bowl. I added chopped figs, slivered almonds, crushed walnuts, coconut flakes, chia seeds, dark chocolate pieces, goji berry, a dab of coconut oil. I mixed together Almond Coconut Milk with a dash of Vanilla Almond Milk and I mixed in some Cacao then poured it over the cake seeds mixture and popped into a warm / hot oven to heat up and slightly bake. Careful when removing from the oven as the bowls will be hot to touch. Top with freshly chopped fig and serve hot to warm. Oh man this was goooooooooooood. The chocolate pieces melted into the cakes and milk – so decadent. Delicious. Some variations / alternatives could be: you could use Coconut Milk from tin or Coconut Cream; perhaps a cap of liquor (not for the kids though) that you enjoy dripped on top. Knock it out of the park with anything you want to add and wow your family and friends with an incredible heart warming dessert or treat.


Guest Blogger: Saving the world one bite at a time – Cruelty-Free Beauty for Boys and Girls

Guest Blogger: Saving the world one bite at a time – Cruelty-Free Beauty for Boys and Girls.–515-chemicals-women-bodies-day.html



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Ten Simple Ayurveda Tips for Life Long Health

Bridging Ayurveda with Conventional medicine

“A balanced mind connects body and spirit in a harmonious relationship! Harmony in mind-body-spirit promotes a true state of health, peace, and happiness.”- Rakesh

Jem of a Juice Bar in Mexico City International Airport

Photos by Suzanne

Awesome to discover this juice bar at Mexico City International Airport. The gal in the photo was so proud to have made me the Antioxidant drink before my flight and she agreed to being in my blog for you all. If you find yourself in the International area of Mexico City Airport go grab a beautiful juice from her and support this business – vegans and non-vegans will get a kick out of this place. This is an awesome option for any body out there looking for a boost of nutrition before their flight.

Keep Your Heart Strong

This is for everybody out there. Easy to read easy to understand easy to start your path to wellness and dial back on potential problems ahead.

Get on the treadmill, the bike or my favorite the stairmaster you will strengthen your heart your mind and spirit with a good sweat and join full time the whole food plant based lifestyle known as Vegan which offers untold paths to total wellness.

Check out the link I have in my blog to The Last Heart Attack by Sanjay Gupta as that will add a deeper layer to why you should start this right away and simply stay on track the results will come if you put the discipline down by just simply staying on track not straying off track. Try it – we love it!

One Happy Vegan

One happy Vegan One year later. Here I am 40lbs lighter, definitely much much much fitter of mind and body. I feel calmer of spirit less worried more free – definitely I feel freer. My skin and hair have improved out of sight – hey I am 55 – I can’t believe my hair growth and sheen with a natural color improvement for over a year now – my hair is so soft instead of old and wired.  The sheer power of life improvement has been incredible and beats out any books I have read or anything I have done so far. This lifestyle has opened my eyes and my heart in at times stunning revelations. The space afforded to me now in my life is big and I am able to re org my entire life anytime and in any direction I want. I love being Vegan. Vegan is “youthing “me (Mimi Kirk says it well on her website “Young On Raw Food” and I really dig the results! I thought that I was well in my past life (pre-vegan) but ah no – I was not. Amazingly I thought I ate well. Another shocking revelation was that I wasn’t as clearly the two paths of lifestyle offer very different results. That is clear now.  Today I am very well strong healthy and happy. I can do anything. I can ride my bike in the rain. I can take alot of pressure and not lose it. My new found wellness is right on! Get into the Vegan Lifestyle right now and then don’t look back. It’s all about the food!

Sweating your way to good health ….

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This is awesome information on the benefits of sweating and the sauna as a tool. To note, we sauna at least 3 – 4 sometimes 5 times a week. At first our clothes stunk of toxins. Fast forward to now we all enjoy the healthy benefits of a dry sauna sometimes combined with a steam.

After our workout in the gym which is cardio focused, the Stair Master is my all time favorite for changing and challenging your body, combined with some weights at 15 reps each, we always finish with a sauna and a warm shower always finishing with cold.

Credit due where credit is due this link is courtesy of Mikkel Aaland.
“Birds of a feather Sweat Together” Suzanne Miles