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D-Licious Soup

Recipe, Design and Photo by Suzanne

Its getting cold around here and soups come back onto the menu for warm comfy food to warm the body from the inside. This soup was born of a previous Potato Leek Soup. I made the broth from a base of the Potato Leek Soup and dropped into the saucepan chunks of onions, a variety of dried beans, legumes, quinoa, celery coarsely chopped, baby tomato’s chopped added some water stirred and tempted into a slow easy bubbling broth with all the yummy fillings. Stir in a Tbsp. Miso and give the broth a shot of red wine to flavor. Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble. Leave it alone apart from a few loving stirs with a wooden spoon.

When ready – serve piping hot in a beautiful bowl top with Nutritional Yeast and lots of freshly chopping quality garlic. I added some freshly chopped shallots to this one too Serve in a warm bowl is a very nice added feature – there is nothing worse than serving soup in a cold bowl – that’s a pet peeve of mine. I always pop the bowls on the stove as the soup is building it start warming of them.

We all said ” it’s so D-Licious”. So D-Licious is my name for this soup. No two soups taste alike this is important and why I like to make soups from scratch or bend recipes.

Have fun play with your recipe and make your soup with attention and love in mind – I believe the soup is a reflection of the maker. A little goes a long way.

Serve with some corn chips or really good bread toasted.

Make a big pot and perhaps freeze some for a later time like when you arrive home from a tropical holiday have some that you can quickly pull out from the fridge – ah we’re home!

Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I saw this article on Linked In today from Michael Edwards CEO Organic Lifestyle Magazine “For those of you who are raw foodies or are trying to incorporate more raw foods into your lives, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to endure. ”
Posted on November 20th, 2012, by ameliawood in Blog, Recipes.

Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe

In my ten years of eating raw, I can tell you from firsthand experience that desserts are the most difficult raw dishes to prepare. Through a miserable number of trials and errors over the years, I’ve got many raw desserts like cheesecake, brownies, cherry sorbet, and coconut macaroons down to an artful science. Pumpkin pie, on the other hand, was always a challenge for me. In the times I attempted to prepare this gourd pie, it always came out tasting bland, dry, and unappealing. It wasn’t until my close friend, who is also a raw foodie, recommended I try her recipe that I finally made some headway with my homemade raw pumpkin pie.

One of the common misconceptions about raw desserts is that they don’t taste good. On the contrary, cooking raw is delicious. All you have to do is use high-quality ingredients, stick to the accurate measurements, and taste as you go. If something doesn’t taste quite right, trust your gut and tweak it. If you think your dessert needs an additional ingredient, go ahead and add it! Like an artist’s painting, raw food desserts are supposed to be unique to each artisan.

For those of you who are raw foodies or are trying to incorporate more raw foods into your lives, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to endure. Everything from the savory turkey, warm yeast rolls, and sweet pecan pie can derail all your efforts to eat raw. With this delicious raw pumpkin pie recipe, however, you’ll be all set for your Thanksgiving dessert. Not only is it filling, it’s insanely delish! Try this pumpkin pie out during the holiday or any ol’ time you have a craving for this classic dessert.

Raw Pie Crust
2 ½ cups pecan flour
¾ cup coconut oil, cold
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

Okay let’s start with the crust! Start by placing the flour, salt, and sugar in an electric mixer bowl and mix on high for 30 seconds. Next, add the coconut oil and mix until the crust forms a solid, cohesive mixture. Don’t worry if you see a few crumbles though. If necessary, add a little more oil or water to solidify the crust.

Dust a clean surface with a pinch of flour and place the crust on the dusted surface. Using your hands, knead the crust into two flat ball shapes, (keep in mind: this pie makes enough for two crusts) wrap in plastic wrap, and place them freezer until you’ll ready to use them. When you’re putting your pie together, pull out one of the crusts, and using a rolling pin, flatten it out into the shape of a large circle (aka pie crust). Have flour on hand to prevent the crust from sticking to the surface. Gently lift the crust and place it in the pie pan. Press the crust until it adheres to the pan.

Pumpkin Pie Filling
3 cups shredded pumpkin
1 cup cashews, soaked for four hours, drained, and then mashed
¼ cup almond milk
½ cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon tapioca starch
2 tablespoons molasses
3 teaspoons vanilla bean extract
1 teaspoon coconut oil
2 teaspoons cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg
pinch cloves

Combine all the ingredients in an electric mixing bowl. Mix for 3 minutes on high speed. Spread into one of the prepared pie crusts. Refrigerate for at least three hours. Eat and enjoy!

Eating raw is not easy during the holidays, but the health benefits of doing so are definitely worthwhile.

Krispy Krazy Kale Chips

Krispy Krazy Kale Chips – Photo by Suzanne

Ok Kale Chips are ever so yummy and super simple to make.


  • a bunch of kale and break apart from the stalks in large pieces (they shrink alot in the baking) and rinse well


  • dry the kale pieces well –  I used a food spinner in combination with patting dry inside a clean cloth – Kale holds water so you do have to make some effort in the drying part


  • put kale pieces into a plastic bag and drop in add small amount of olive oil (say around 1 tablespoon) and massage the kale with the oil – a little oil goes a long way with kale so start less oil and add more if you want


  • add some sea salt and we put nutritional yeast and turmeric for flavor (of course you don’t have to use either as the Kale chips are awesome without anything extra or add your own flavors)


  • sprinkle out the kale pieces onto a good tray and pop into a hot oven say around 350 degrees put timer on for 10 minutes as time flies and suddenly the chips are burning so CHECK ON YOUR KALE CHIPS regularly by using a timer in small time bursts to ensure excellent baked kale chips every time

These popular chips won’t last long as you will want to taste right away and guess what they are fantastic and anyone around will want them so they go in a heart beat. If you want lots of chips for a family or lunches or for kids / adult parties etc they are great alternative to potato chips however you will need to make lots as they shrink quite alot so play with it and find your way.

Always – have fun! Enjoy!

Delightful Dessert Destiny

Recipe, Creation and Design Set Up – Photo by Suzanne

This is my beautiful Warm Date Pumpkin Loaf recipe for anytime however perfect in fall and winter after a nice meal this really hits the spot nicely. Super easy to create.  Maybe 15 minutes to put together heat and serve.

  • Take one date pumpkin loaf (Vegan) in our case and break into bite size chunks put into serving bowl – you can use any loaf even cookies – Vegan of course
  • Add anything you want however in my case and these images I put the following:
  • 5 vegan chocolate wafers – put as many as you desire as its all about you this dish
  • slivered almonds
  • hemp hearts
  • chia seeds
  • dash cinnamon
  • dash vanilla
  • dried lavender flakes
  • a few slivers of finely sliced prunes, dates, turkish apricots – one of, all of or none of – your chocie
  • tsp of cacao powder
  • tsp of coconut oil
  • crunchy nut cereal you may have say a Hemp Plus Crunch would be nice too
  • add to the bowl once you have built your dessert – a small amount of almond (you could also use of course Quinoa, Hemp, Soy milk if you prefer) milk enough to somewhat soak the loaf but not drown it

Pop your bowls into a tray and broil in the oven for a quick heating for around 5 – 7 minutes or until beyond warm and closer to hot. The bowls WILL BE HOT so please ensure you use gloves before grabbing them from the tray. I served the bowls on a plate because they were quite hot and best to serve and enjoy right away.

The chocolate wafers will melt and the mixture you have made along with the nut milk will warm the vegan cake and its just beautiful. I am definitely going to be serving this for the special occasions that are during our winter months such as Christmas dessert and just because my family loves it for special treats too.

Some variations could be adding a small amount of alcohol of your choice – e.g. Drambuie or a dash of Cinnamon Whiskey.

You can get creative mix and match. I find things in my cupboard to create and no meal dish is perfectly alike. Sometimes you won’t have the dried prunes for example and hey stress free living is don’t panic simply don’t worry find something else. Win hearts anytime you serve this up. Many oooooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s will come from serving this one up.




Tomato Bean Rice Dream

Photos, recipe, meal design by Suzanne

This is a beautiful and ever so simple stove top dish that is perfect for one or more people. This meal can make enough to store in the fridge and as we are not shy at all, take to work – it’s beautiful the next day as it is the first.

Tomato Bean Rice Dream

  • 1 cup rice add 2 cups water bring to boil and make rice as you normally would
  • in this case to the rice before boiling I added a handful of quinoa and some flakes of lavender

Meanwhile as the rice is doing it’s thing prepare the rest as follows:

  • in a pan add some coconut oil on a low heat (I always start the temperature on the lowest and bring up as the dish builds
  • add chopped onions, lots of garlic chopped , leek while bringing the dish to a simmering heat enough to create some lovely soft sizzle
  • once that is going add chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, any beans you choose (in this meal I put kidney beans
  • all the while keep stirring with your wooden spoon keeping the heat on a steady temperature enough to bring out the smells and gather the flavors together
  • once the rice is cooked add on top of the vegetables
  • to this add a dash of red wine mix that in along with water to keep things moist so not to burn
  • pop lid on let this simmer
  • ensure the meal stays moist so check regularly and add water with perhaps an extra dash of red wine for good luck
  • add in a healthy teaspoon of beautiful garlic pickle (we have a fabulous one that we put in everything) that has turmeric and other lovely spices from India made up in a paste
  • mix in the rice with the bean mix in the pan and keep rolling it over with your wooden spoon and stirring the juices and flavors together
  • to this add a small tin of tomato paste

Serve this meal in a warm bowl or plate and top with sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, a dash of garlic pickle, almond slivers. Frame with tortilla chips and some greens (I used cucumber as they are so good for you).

We always serve small bowls of beautiful food and we always keep some in the pan for same night leftovers. In this case, it’s getting cool around these parts, so I made enough for our daughter to take to school if she wants and for a re-creation tomorrow night.

This was a beautiful meal made with love on a slow cook burner turned and tumbled in a beautiful almost pie like creation that was met with oooooooooooooo’s and yummmmmmmmmm’s and hmmmmmmmmm’s and not a flake of anything left in the bowls. Total satisfaction according to the crew in my home. Two thumbs up – took little time got big results and excellent nutrition.

We love being Vegans.

Enjoy! Create! Have Fun!

Heavenly Hemp Hearts for Health

Recipe Design Set Up and Photo by Suzanne

Tonight as most in the winter months I like to whip up a cozy drink for whoever is around before bed. Although this delicious drink is not specific to evenings and can be taken anytime, great in the morning too, always yummy so take your shots of hemp hearts anytime.

My Heavenly Hemp Hearts for Health is super easy. Grind your fresh hemp hearts; add ground hemp hearts plus in this case I used Twister Power which is Cacao, Hemp & Maca ground 1 T or whatever portion for your own taste. power to almond milk. Add a few petals of Lavender. Whip it up in your magic bullet until nice and frothy.

Add to your favorite shot glasses. Perhaps dust ever so lightly with cinnamon and in this case I put in a dash of cinnamon whiskey for flavor. Ok, this is soooooooooo good you which you had made a lot more. Suddenly you realize you love Almond Milk and you must have more of it in your fridge. This is a good thing.

Variations: you can change it up with Cacao Powder and Vanilla Almond Milk you can add a little of any liquor you like (nothing with cream or milk for Vegans). Sometimes if I find some vegan chocolate nibs I will grind them up with the drink for added texture.

NOTE: this will not last long and you will want more – how fun is that 🙂