Tomato Bean Rice Dream

Photos, recipe, meal design by Suzanne

This is a beautiful and ever so simple stove top dish that is perfect for one or more people. This meal can make enough to store in the fridge and as we are not shy at all, take to work – it’s beautiful the next day as it is the first.

Tomato Bean Rice Dream

  • 1 cup rice add 2 cups water bring to boil and make rice as you normally would
  • in this case to the rice before boiling I added a handful of quinoa and some flakes of lavender

Meanwhile as the rice is doing it’s thing prepare the rest as follows:

  • in a pan add some coconut oil on a low heat (I always start the temperature on the lowest and bring up as the dish builds
  • add chopped onions, lots of garlic chopped , leek while bringing the dish to a simmering heat enough to create some lovely soft sizzle
  • once that is going add chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, any beans you choose (in this meal I put kidney beans
  • all the while keep stirring with your wooden spoon keeping the heat on a steady temperature enough to bring out the smells and gather the flavors together
  • once the rice is cooked add on top of the vegetables
  • to this add a dash of red wine mix that in along with water to keep things moist so not to burn
  • pop lid on let this simmer
  • ensure the meal stays moist so check regularly and add water with perhaps an extra dash of red wine for good luck
  • add in a healthy teaspoon of beautiful garlic pickle (we have a fabulous one that we put in everything) that has turmeric and other lovely spices from India made up in a paste
  • mix in the rice with the bean mix in the pan and keep rolling it over with your wooden spoon and stirring the juices and flavors together
  • to this add a small tin of tomato paste

Serve this meal in a warm bowl or plate and top with sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, a dash of garlic pickle, almond slivers. Frame with tortilla chips and some greens (I used cucumber as they are so good for you).

We always serve small bowls of beautiful food and we always keep some in the pan for same night leftovers. In this case, it’s getting cool around these parts, so I made enough for our daughter to take to school if she wants and for a re-creation tomorrow night.

This was a beautiful meal made with love on a slow cook burner turned and tumbled in a beautiful almost pie like creation that was met with oooooooooooooo’s and yummmmmmmmmm’s and hmmmmmmmmm’s and not a flake of anything left in the bowls. Total satisfaction according to the crew in my home. Two thumbs up – took little time got big results and excellent nutrition.

We love being Vegans.

Enjoy! Create! Have Fun!


One Beautiful Bowl

Take One Beautiful Bowl

Fill it with love for your body – go ahead and build your breakfast – in this case we see pumpkin seeds, goji berries, almond shavings, cacoa/maca/hemp power, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sultanas, currents, flax seeds, dried prune & apricot, mint leaf, sesame seed, sunflower seed.

Add fresh whipped up almond milk from the magic bullet or blender and voila – great way to start the day. Suitable for lunch too. It’s awesome food for anytime really.

Original recipe, design layout and photo by Suzanne

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