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Into The Mind – Official Teaser from Sherpas Cinema

From the makers of All.I.Can comes the new feature film: INTO THE MIND

Blur the lines between dream state and reality, as you perceive the world through the minds of many. Into the Mind contemplates the experiences passed between mentors and peers to paint a philosophical portrait of human kind. What drives us to overcome challenge? How do we justify risk? What forces are at the core of a mountain addiction? Unique athlete segments over a multitude of mountain sport genres depict the connectivity of Earth, and window into never seen before moments. Explore how we begin our perception of self, construct the foundations of confidence, and are ultimately led up the path of self-actualization.

As Buddha once said, “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”
Into The Mind is about becoming.

Presented by The North Face – COMING FALL 2013

Created by Sherpas Cinema –
Directors: Dave Mossop and Eric Crosland
Producer: Malcolm Sangster
Music: A Tribe Called Red – Electric Powwow (Available for free at )
Original Score by Jacob Yoffee, Sound Design: Cody Petersen

Masked Bandit Visits


Photo by Suzanne

Last night my cat was going wild knocking at the blinds in the middle of the night. I got up to find two very healthy and beautiful Raccoons on our front deck. Note: we live in a condo so they climbed up from the ground level up the roof. Perhaps a natural predator like a coyote chased them up they to higher ground as we have nothing on our deck for them. Anyhow they left the front deck and then turned up on our back deck. I found them busy cleaning and preening themselves. This is a photo I captured at 3am of one saying goodbye as they slipped away. So cute!

Canada Shared by Canadians – Come Check Us Out

When I saw this I just had to share with you today. This is my random act of fun to share fun from Canada eh! Check us out!

If you enjoyed a taste of the short clip you will love the real deal on the long version here.

Come visit Canada we are having so much fun eh!

Seeing Sunset Silhouettes

November 24, 2012 Sunset 4:09:12pm. Vancouver, BC. What a crisp gorgeous day!

November 24, 2012 Sunset on the Seawall 4:09:26pm. Vancouver, BC. Wow!

November 24, 2012 Sunset on the Seawall 4:10:47pm. Vancouver, BC. Spot the float plane heading west!

This was a truly gorgeous day. Crisp. Fresh. Sunny. Short. Winter. Walking. Seawall. Gloves. Beautiful.

Photos by Suzanne