Quote of the Week to start 2013

A Fresh Start

Woot Woot – A fresh start is available for you right now and anything you choose … make 2013 a fabulous year to start fresh – start anything fresh … all tiny steps lead to the bigger picture … its a wonderful feeling of freedom to have such a choice available … positive, fun, change … make it an awesome year

Guide to ‘Re-Seeing’ How Much You Eat



Food portions is a very important topic when it comes to calories and wellness. Our food portions have reduced significantly since becoming Vegans. We have really noticed the change of portions to the whole food plant based lifestyle that came naturally and without force. The better we eat the less we eat it was just a natural turnaround. Our plates have become smaller and we use bowls more. We just love the smaller portions the less washing up and the amazing energy we get from our good food.

60 Must-Read Health and Fitness Blogs for 2012


Canada Shared by Canadians – Come Check Us Out

When I saw this I just had to share with you today. This is my random act of fun to share fun from Canada eh! Check us out!

If you enjoyed a taste of the short clip you will love the real deal on the long version here.

Come visit Canada we are having so much fun eh!

Pedal perfect: Bikers shed spandex to inspire new riders

People gather in downtown Decatur before setting off to ride, including Jae Schmidt, pictured with hat, the owner of Houndstooth Road bicycle boutique, who helped organize the event.


I saw this article and want to share. This type of event breaks down barriers brings people together and reminds one that cycling and wellness can be for anyone – it’s never to late to start. It’s always good to have options. Imagine if you can get fit at the same time as having fun. Perhaps your entire direction will change completely. Personally I have always loved a good cycle however since changing my lifestyle to the whole food plant based one and losing all the weight I have my cycling time and adventures has increased dramatically. The fitter I become the further I can go the more weather I can take (rain, wind, winter) and it just keeps on getting better. Definitely many more people should be opening up to cycling – its a natural progression in my opinion to have as your only set of wheels (do Zip Car for example if you need one) or to have on. The rewards are as easy as getting on your bike and heading out there …

Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing

Dancing is excellent exercise lots of fun great way to connect with others. I am reminded by this song that we need lots dancing in our lives. Perhaps will help with previous post about brain shrinkage cause you the heck wants that! So I suggest to get you boogie body your family partner parents friends ready then turn this up loud and get dancing today. If you come to my place we dance all the time.

Breakfast Sandwiches Considered To Be A Ticking Time Bomb For Your Arteries

Breakfast Sandwiches Considered To Be A Ticking Time Bomb For Your Arteries (via redOrbit)

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com – Your Universe Online It’s just like momma used to say: “You only think you love eating that breakfast sandwich now. Wait until it’s eating you!” The notion that we should all be eating better isn’t lost on the majority of the population. The gospel of healthy…

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