Success Story -Weightloss and New Life

A Fresh Start

I am thrilled to have been featured on Forks Over Knives Facebook Page it is such an honor to be able to demonstrate in a real way what results look like at any age. I am 59 years young this month …

Source: Success Story -Weightloss and New Life

Hello Everyone I’m Back!

I have been very busy doing a whole bunch of new things regarding the Vegan Lifestyle including have lost and I am so close to it 50lbs.

I will be posting articles again mainly on my new Blog Go For Glow which relates to my Facebook Page about the amazing benefits of this lifestyle called Go For Glow both on Facebook and the new blog.

The link to Go for Glow is here for you! I still have been seeing all your posts and am happy to see you are all still busy doing your amazing things out there around the world. Perhaps we’ll be seeing you over on Go For Glow on FB and the Blog of the same name 🙂 Have a wonderful day out there and thanks for sticking with me really appreciate it!

Canada Shared by Canadians – Come Check Us Out

When I saw this I just had to share with you today. This is my random act of fun to share fun from Canada eh! Check us out!

If you enjoyed a taste of the short clip you will love the real deal on the long version here.

Come visit Canada we are having so much fun eh!

Step Right Up to the Stairmaster Soon

Here I am stepping up onto the Stairmaster ready to take a serious uphill power walk. In this session I did 30 minutes with 15 of calorie counter and 15 of fat burn.

The Stairmaster has been my proven strength and cardio love affair. This machine is awesome for shedding pounds redefining your body shape at every level improving lung capacity breaking a serious sweat firming up your butt turning your legs into sexy babes all in 15 – 30 minutes a day. This is my all time favorite of everything I have done in search of fabulous fitness.

I started at a low level / tension about 6 months ago. Once and I suggest you do this quickly I got my groove on this machine off I went and regularly I increased the tension and levels whereby today I start at level 16 and bam off I go on my way to an amazing new body filled with possibilities and adventure.

Expect to sweat, your skin will love you for it.

Step right up and get on a Stairmaster soon. Challenge yourself by increasing resistance and make sure you make regular appearances on the machine. Your body mind and spirit will soar.

Have fun. It’s only as hard as you impose on yourself.  Step right up and get going right away towards a full healthy life regained and maintained.

You will love the new you.

One Happy Vegan

One happy Vegan One year later. Here I am 40lbs lighter, definitely much much much fitter of mind and body. I feel calmer of spirit less worried more free – definitely I feel freer. My skin and hair have improved out of sight – hey I am 55 – I can’t believe my hair growth and sheen with a natural color improvement for over a year now – my hair is so soft instead of old and wired.  The sheer power of life improvement has been incredible and beats out any books I have read or anything I have done so far. This lifestyle has opened my eyes and my heart in at times stunning revelations. The space afforded to me now in my life is big and I am able to re org my entire life anytime and in any direction I want. I love being Vegan. Vegan is “youthing “me (Mimi Kirk says it well on her website “Young On Raw Food” and I really dig the results! I thought that I was well in my past life (pre-vegan) but ah no – I was not. Amazingly I thought I ate well. Another shocking revelation was that I wasn’t as clearly the two paths of lifestyle offer very different results. That is clear now.  Today I am very well strong healthy and happy. I can do anything. I can ride my bike in the rain. I can take alot of pressure and not lose it. My new found wellness is right on! Get into the Vegan Lifestyle right now and then don’t look back. It’s all about the food!

Beauty in the Cupboard – Special Guest – Lavender

Sauna / Bath / Shower Scrub recipe from Suzanne. Photos by Suzanne

Easy 4 items from your cupboard face scrub.

One of the great elements of the whole food plant based lifestyle is that you can not only eat all the foods you can make all your skin care from your kitchen easily.

BIG BONUS: I eat the almonds, lavender, pumpkin seeds and I also grind them up and use as a face / neck / hands and arms scrub. Once you start to sweat in the sauna put some on your face and start to work it around like a scrub. It’s really nice with lovely scents popping. BONUS: the ground almonds start to turn into milk on your face as it gets wet. EXTRA BONUS: if you get some in your mouth you can simply eat it as it is right from your kitchen, you made it so you know whats in it.

Sometimes I take a lemon slice or half and dip that in this mix and use the lemon as a tool to spread the scrub around. If you have some coconut milk around add a splash and make a wet mix to spread on your face and scrub lightly / leave on for length of time. Ahhhhhhh this is a lovely creation from my kitchen for my / our / your face. After shower I would apply coconut oil to my face and let that soak right in.

Have fun.