How a Hong Kong alley rat changed a young couple’s life

Meet the lovable Mr. Tiffany (Mr. T for short): pen thief, beer drinker, and all-around lovable rodent.

“He was a street rat, no more than a few days old. His life had begun in the grimy alley beside our apartment in Hong Kong, and to most people, he would have embodied filth and disease. But we saw instead a fragile, unknowable life, and in the three years that followed, we came to see him as no average soul.” Read more via link below ….

In between the hype from last nights US Election I saw the headline “How a Hong Kong alley rat changed a young couple’s life” and read it. It reminded me how the labels we give animals separates from what is “good” animal to what is “not good” animal.  The innocence of this story reminds us that all animals have a place that such as this story can be life changing. What this couple did was an enormous gift of giving to what society would label “awful creature that must be killed” – many others would have passed by Mr. T in repulsion yet this couple picked it up and discovered more about themselves through Mr. T than perhaps any amount of soul searching book reading lectures of offerings of human wisdom would have offered.  Hence Mr. T’s story reminds me why I became a Vegan which at first was about health which eventually turned to my life long love for animals now labeled by society into categories of what is a pet for us what is food for us and what we should be scared of.

Thanks so much for the inspiring story.