Music Inspiration – A Taste of Honey with a 70’s classic Boogie Oogie Oogie

We love to dance and have fun to music that makes you groove. This one is timeless fun with classic sounds from the 70’s which was my era and I loved it all.

Vegans take note – dancing is contagious so getting moving your body to the grooves and you will find untold freeing results as you groove to tunes while you are cooking and definitely for a Friday night bump with someone, husband, wife oh what the heck bring on the whole family for a boogie oogie oogie good time.

Turn off the TV. Get the music flowing. Move your body. Shake your body. It’s so great this whole food plant based lifestyle that you eventually truly wonder what the heck happened to you and why did you miss out on this for all these years. Oh well its always a good time to start today towards wicked health.

“Get on up off the floor cause we gonna boogie oogie oogie till we just can’t boogie no more” ..

We, as Vegans, try to keep things cool and we have so much fun .. we have so much energy now (huge difference in from a year ago) so come on let’s dance … Keeps ya fit too …