All Over The World – Song by ELO – Perfect to bring in a fun New Year for the world

I think this is a great song to turn up loud and get your dancing groove going to start 2013 with a fun positive vibe – I actually saw ELO do this back in the 70’s in Vancouver – they were awesome.

Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing

Dancing is excellent exercise lots of fun great way to connect with others. I am reminded by this song that we need lots dancing in our lives. Perhaps will help with previous post about brain shrinkage cause you the heck wants that! So I suggest to get you boogie body your family partner parents friends ready then turn this up loud and get dancing today. If you come to my place we dance all the time.

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth – This is pretty cool …

Happy People Dancing on Planet Earth
Video Credit: Matt Harding & Melissa Nixon; Music: Trip the Light

Explanation: What are these humans doing? Dancing. Many humans on Earth exhibit periods of happiness, and one method of displaying happiness is dancing. Happiness and dancing transcend political boundaries and occur in practically every human society. Above, Matt Harding traveled through many nations on Earth, planned on dancing, and filmed the result. The above video, the latest in a series of similar videos, is perhaps a dramatic example that humans from all over planet Earth feel a common bond as part of a single species. Happiness is frequently contagious — few people are able to watch the above video without smiling.

I am much happier as a Vegan. I was happy before however since taking up the new lifestyle I am definitely genuinely happier and more content. To me this is an important piece as it demonstrates the breaking down of barriers in our society and shows us that even in the most difficult situations happy people are there. We build up so many walls about things we don’t know and that turns to many negative behaviors in one’s home and builds right into wars. It’s time to come together again. Breaking down barriers is so important today and to learn that together we can do much more than building walls of separation instead of bowl fulls of understanding and compassion. Bombs and walls are not the answer. Perhaps dancing is 🙂 Credit due to my friend Krishna who shared this with me back in August and I just dug it up as I want to share with you on my blog. Hope you enjoy this uplifting clip and pass it on. Have a wonderful day.

Sunday Dance Groove – You Gotta Move – Gino Vanelli – Live

This is such a great track from the 70’s. An mentioned before we love to dance and like to keep fit. Dancing is awesome for any body and perfect for a little break in your day. We feel that being fit is part of any lifestyle and especially for those enjoying the Vegan lifestyle as the energy levels surge and so you become a more energetic person therefore good tunes are essential for keeping strong and fit with dancing for your body.

Turn it up.

Music Inspiration – A Taste of Honey with a 70’s classic Boogie Oogie Oogie

We love to dance and have fun to music that makes you groove. This one is timeless fun with classic sounds from the 70’s which was my era and I loved it all.

Vegans take note – dancing is contagious so getting moving your body to the grooves and you will find untold freeing results as you groove to tunes while you are cooking and definitely for a Friday night bump with someone, husband, wife oh what the heck bring on the whole family for a boogie oogie oogie good time.

Turn off the TV. Get the music flowing. Move your body. Shake your body. It’s so great this whole food plant based lifestyle that you eventually truly wonder what the heck happened to you and why did you miss out on this for all these years. Oh well its always a good time to start today towards wicked health.

“Get on up off the floor cause we gonna boogie oogie oogie till we just can’t boogie no more” ..

We, as Vegans, try to keep things cool and we have so much fun .. we have so much energy now (huge difference in from a year ago) so come on let’s dance … Keeps ya fit too …

Music Motivation with Kool & The Gang Live in New Orleans 1983 – Get Down On It

Part of your journey to a complete plant based lifestyle will be music. Your energy levels will increase like you have never known. You will wonder what you were doing before this.

Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It offers up great advice and cool moves too … the advice – get your back up off the wall, dance, come on … cool moves – check out some of the dance steps bumps and grooves …

Turn it up loud and proud while you are having fun in your kitchen making your food – this is an awesome time to wiggle and make some of your own moves which will add value to the reshaping of the new you – the whole food plant based lifestyle you … excess weight from all over your body will start to come off and soon you can bump and groove like Kool & The Gang so go on .. get your back up off the wall – dance – come on!