Advice from a tree



Quote of the Week to start 2013

A Fresh Start

Woot Woot – A fresh start is available for you right now and anything you choose … make 2013 a fabulous year to start fresh – start anything fresh … all tiny steps lead to the bigger picture … its a wonderful feeling of freedom to have such a choice available … positive, fun, change … make it an awesome year

Sydney Australia welcomes in 2013


as the world turns celebrations to bring in the new year 2013 have already begun with Australia leading the way with their amazing harbor side firework display … these days I live in Vancouver, Canada however once upon a time I lived in Australia so I keep up to date on what’s going on there through curiosity and friends .. happy 2013

Thoughtful Gift from Boss to Teen Employee (my daughter) – Vegan


My daughter works in a retail store and look what her manager gave her for Christmas. She was thrilled with the consideration of the items as she is at 16 a Vegan and very disciplined. What an amazing thought gift to a teenager from her boss. I had to share. She felt her manager listens and learns about her. The gift was thought out and respectful. Anyone can give anything however this was a well thought out gift that really empowered my daughter to know that she is valued at her work. She is the youngest on the team so this was awesome and she contributed to our cupboards right away. Really nice eh!

Great Idea for a Vegan Christmas Tree


Thanks David for sending me this great idea for a Vegan Tree to make any table an interesting one. How cool is that eh!