I’m a model – I do my little turn on the catwalk

Ok I guess I will model for you today.

OK, I will give you my best pose.

Right – I have had enough now.

Sonya the Supermodel. I love cats, especially tabby cats however I love all cats and animals.  Sonya has lots of wild friends that come to our place including squirrels and blue jays. Here she is posing for me in summer 2011. She is 7 years old this year. Sonya has also benefited from the whole food plant based lifestyle as we don’t eat animals so I bet she feels much safer – lol. Seriously though – even Sonya has lost weight, her coat is beautiful and shining. I feel our energy has shifted so much that she feels that and her energy shifts too. She only has small hard food and she is purrrrrrrrfect..