Masked Bandit Visits


Photo by Suzanne

Last night my cat was going wild knocking at the blinds in the middle of the night. I got up to find two very healthy and beautiful Raccoons on our front deck. Note: we live in a condo so they climbed up from the ground level up the roof. Perhaps a natural predator like a coyote chased them up they to higher ground as we have nothing on our deck for them. Anyhow they left the front deck and then turned up on our back deck. I found them busy cleaning and preening themselves. This is a photo I captured at 3am of one saying goodbye as they slipped away. So cute!

Shine the Night Light

Shine the Night Light – Photos by Suzanne

This is my photo captured on a trail at night and turned into a black and white. I love the light coming in which wasn’t seen in the original photo of darkness. It was a dark rainy night. We found amazing amounts of leaves everywhere – so beautiful so many images colors and designs by natures winds rains and changes.

The paths are totally covered with leaves right now so its quite amazing walking around anytime of the day / night there is plenty to enjoy.

The textures appeared – I hope you enjoy this one.