Scientists: Plant-Based Diets Can Cure Chronic Diseases

A recent article in Science Daily extols the latest research suggesting that a plant-based diet can cure and prevent chronic diseases.

I saw this article from Mercy for Animals to share with you. I have personally discovered the fountain of youth is in the plant based whole food lifestyle. This is not a diet for a short time this is a lifestyle for a lifetime. I believe from my results that once fully adopted brings incredible benefits to all bodies.

Myself I had a massive uterine fibroid that grew over several years to be so big it was crazy embarrassing. To note: I thought I ate well with only small amounts of animal consumption and rare if ever fast food e.g. I have not been to McDonald’s or those types of places for many years (10+).  As much as possible I ate mostly organic foods, I did yoga, hot yoga, gym workouts, weights, circuit training and my weight kept climbing and the fibroid kept growing and my weight didn’t move much. My body wasn’t well and other elements were showing such as high cholesterol levels and weight gain.

My doctor sent me to variety of tests and options for removing this beast that had grown in me. For me surgery was going to be my last option and the final piece that fell into play was to be a Vegan to turn to a full whole food plant based lifestyle.

I kept thinking why is this growing in me, what is causing this, something has to be triggering this growth? What is it? I changed to organic chicken, turkey, beef but that didn’t help. As soon as I moved to the vegan lifestyle right away things started to change – my body cleansed and cleansed and cleansed itself for months and now today 15 months later my tummy is flat my health is stellar my skin is beautiful I feel fantastic I have lost 40lbs I have amazing energy levels and the fibroid is so tiny if not fully gone that I can wear hip fitted clothes and step out like a rock star. A whole new me emerged.

No surgery no drugs no doctors no vitamins no hormone driven foods no production line skin care no animals and no animal products (milk for example is hidden in many “products” like sauces and even potato chips????). My doctor was amazed!!

I am so happy to have this new found lifestyle I truly hope that people around the world see the vegan lifestyle and the real options for health as this lifestyle. Who wants to be in a hospital who wants to be sick who wants to be aging and going into walkers who wants all these awful diseases? I don’t think anyone does. Do it for yourself, your partners, your children first and don’t let people push you around or tease you about it. Many many changes will come and part of the change if your discipline with this lifestyle is to own the path to your health fully and always.

I took control of my own body to regain health and today at 55 years old I can do anything including cycling in the rain running on the treadmill taking the stairmaster at the gym for 30 minutes taking the stairs as much as possible wherever I go laughing and enjoying life with less stress and much more empowerment. I love this whole food plant based lifestyle.

The Last Heart Attack with Sanjay Gupta August 2011

It was at the end of August 2011 that my husband and I watched this documentary. If we spent the time to watch this, we don’t watch my TV at all, we knew we would be investing into something new. The information for the most part we all know. For us it simply was like a light bulb going off. We are very fortunate to have felt at the time to be in good health although we knew we were much more capable of being in better health. Who wants to have a heart attack? We don’t! This was the first AH HA moment for us and was the push off the comfort shores into the new world order of joining the benefits of a whole food plant based lifestyle. From this show tumbled in others which I will share at another time however this was the epiphany that started our journey to the new lifestyle. Fast forward 14 months and well the results the benefits the inspiration the discipline and the search amount of rewards has been outstanding.

To be clear we thought we were healthy although we knew overweight but hey we eat well don’t we? We take exercise don’t we? We have good relationships don’t we?

Ah – NO were not at all functioning at the best we could from a body energy perspective.


  • I have lost 40 lbs. I started out September 1, 2011 at 174lbs today October 11, 2012 I scale in at 136lbs. My husband has lost 40lbs (in one year). Each of our children lost 10 – 15 lbs. Together our family lost 100lbs since September 1, 2011
  • We learned that as Cheryl Crows says ” A change will do you good”. We are much more disciplined that we ever imagined and gee we still have room to sharpen that up.
  • We feel freer with more time.
  • We got to chuck out the baggy over sized clothes and find at good thrift stores awesome new pieces that are today fitted and show off our every improving glowing bodies.
  • Our environmental footprint has been slashed in half with far les garbage, much more attention being given to what we buy, how often we need to use the car to get food and we haven’t been in a shopping mall for over a year now – incredible.
  • We have saved enormous amounts of money making the complete switch and finding new stores, new items, making foods that we want without stress and following recipes and needing a whole bunch of stuff to make great good.
  • My tools are very simple and mostly vintage. E.g. I use my childhood blender that my mother used and it works just fine.
  • We stock and store more and have learned many valuable lessons like “who wants to be in the superstore shopping for food when its beautiful outside and we can do for a walk, a cycle, a hike, a trail run, a visit to the gym, a sauna etc.
  • We have much more time that it will take months of blogging to get it all down – how fun 🙂

We have not had any animal “product” since September 1, 2011 – nor has any come into our home. We enjoy exercise and that factors in however at the very beginning of any great journey it starts somewhere and in the case of moving to the whole food plant based lifestyle, otherwise known as vegan, it all started with the food.

It’s the food!!!