Success Story -Weightloss and New Life

A Fresh Start

I am thrilled to have been featured on Forks Over Knives Facebook Page it is such an honor to be able to demonstrate in a real way what results look like at any age. I am 59 years young this month …

Source: Success Story -Weightloss and New Life


Celebrating Veganism by EVOLVE! Campaigns

November is World Vegan Month and at the end of this the first week I thought I would share this kind soft message about being Vegan as a reminder for those of us thinking about the lifestyle perhaps considering to move from Vegetarian to Vegan and for those us either just starting out a reminder to keep going, the rewards are extensive, and for those long term even lifetime Vegans to thank them for paving the path for the rest of us.

First Snow Ride

Yesterday’s photo show wind blown rough seas exhilarating ride today we have snow capped mountains -WHAT??? – sunshine fresh dair and these images taken along the same route a day apart. Love living in Vancouver.


cycle the park on a deep autumn late afternoon is way more fun that all the reasons why I couldn’t do it .. so glad I pushed out and got the story ..

Why Wait For Weights?

Here you can see that today I can press with my legs 120lbs – not bad eh?? 🙂 my strong kegs take me cycling hiking trail running for starters. I have taken some falls and tumbles to my discovery wow I jumped right back up and kept going. This is very good!

Press those pounds build those leg muscles nice and strong. Strong legs are the foundation of your body. They play a vital role in balance and prevention of falls. Build upon strong legs regularly for lifelong strong bones to hold you up.

Here I pressed 40 lbs on arm extensions x 15 reps.

Here I did ab pulls x 15 reps.

Overall I do 4 – 6 weight stations before my cardio workout. This gets your heart going plus signals your body it’s time for workout. I usually do 15 reps per station and I add more weight regularly to challenge the muscles to do more and they respond nicely.

I have my own sets of hand weights at home that I use daily for adding layers of power and quick hit workouts. Going out and want to look sexy – take up a few weights at home to pump up those arms and step out in style with toned arms.

I posted this to show you they if I can do it you can do it. The results come from consistency of practice and guess what I do these workouts at least five times a week in the gym.

Have fun with your workouts.

Hello world!

Welcome to So You Want to be a Vegan!

The goal of this blog is to offer readers real life stories with information of inspiration on the journey to adopting a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle and the many gifts afforded to those who follow some easy guidelines which over time offers amazing health inspired results that may have seemed out of reach and impossible.

I plan to offer my story of turning my family of four into a Whole Food Plant Based “Vegan” Family along with the surge of health and energy that enlightened each of us to incredible results. With regular updates of information offering ideas, suggestions, how to shop for a vegans, money savings tips, giving back by using less, beauty tips direct from your kitchen, the bountiful and beautiful world according to vegans and much more.

Adopting a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle afforded my family untold freedoms.

I look forward to sharing and learning with you.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.