Jem of a Juice Bar in Mexico City International Airport

Photos by Suzanne

Awesome to discover this juice bar at Mexico City International Airport. The gal in the photo was so proud to have made me the Antioxidant drink before my flight and she agreed to being in my blog for you all. If you find yourself in the International area of Mexico City Airport go grab a beautiful juice from her and support this business – vegans and non-vegans will get a kick out of this place. This is an awesome option for any body out there looking for a boost of nutrition before their flight.


Heavenly Hemp Hearts for Health

Recipe Design Set Up and Photo by Suzanne

Tonight as most in the winter months I like to whip up a cozy drink for whoever is around before bed. Although this delicious drink is not specific to evenings and can be taken anytime, great in the morning too, always yummy so take your shots of hemp hearts anytime.

My Heavenly Hemp Hearts for Health is super easy. Grind your fresh hemp hearts; add ground hemp hearts plus in this case I used Twister Power which is Cacao, Hemp & Maca ground 1 T or whatever portion for your own taste. power to almond milk. Add a few petals of Lavender. Whip it up in your magic bullet until nice and frothy.

Add to your favorite shot glasses. Perhaps dust ever so lightly with cinnamon and in this case I put in a dash of cinnamon whiskey for flavor. Ok, this is soooooooooo good you which you had made a lot more. Suddenly you realize you love Almond Milk and you must have more of it in your fridge. This is a good thing.

Variations: you can change it up with Cacao Powder and Vanilla Almond Milk you can add a little of any liquor you like (nothing with cream or milk for Vegans). Sometimes if I find some vegan chocolate nibs I will grind them up with the drink for added texture.

NOTE: this will not last long and you will want more – how fun is that 🙂

Shots of Goodness – Heavenly

I regularly make little shots of goodness for myself, family and friends. Images above show a recent shot of goodness I made in my magic bullet. Everyone loves my shots of goodness.

Heavenly Recipe

  • Add the ingredients below into your magic bullet or blender
  • Take some unsweetened almond milk (amount to be determined for your own situation – serving for 1,2, 3, 4 or 8)
  • Add good quality Vanilla to taste
  • Add ground Maca, Hemp, Cacao
  • Add a dash of cinnamon
  • Optional – add some dark chocolate pieces (Vegan)

Whip this up in your magic bullet or blender. Allow it to really whip up, if you added the chocolate pieces they will break up into small bits, and get this frothy.

Time to make: 2 minutes

Time to enjoy: shot it down or slow sip – your choice

Serve in shot glasses of choice.

NOTE: expect many yummmmmmms and ooooooooo this is good and can I have more 🙂 so I always make enough for 2 shots.

No need to warm this up however if you want to I recommend firstly adding all the ingredients into a saucepan and that pan into boiling water so the pan with the milk isn’t directly on the heat. Once warmed up put in small batches into your magic bullet or blender and whip till frothy. Serve in shot glasses for a delicious warm drink served anytime. We enjoy this drink before bed for a good night sleep – ahhhhhhhhhhh however it can be made and enjoyed for breakfast too. Kids, teenagers and adults love these shots because they are fun. Perfect for kids getting home from school.

Photos by Suzanne

Twisted Watermelon & Lemon Juice

Fresh Watermelon Lemon Juice to start off our dinner tonight with – ok really yummy.        Photos by Suzanne

It’s so easy to fall in love with Watermelon Juice. I purchased a small watermelon for $2 at the local green grocer. Brought it home and juiced it in my Magic Bullet blender. I added fresh squeezed lemon juice to the watermelon juice and whipped it up together to enjoy before dinner tonight. What a great way to start the evening with a fresh mouth cleanser like this. Watermelon Juice offers some good health benefits – so bottoms up. The Magic Bullet gives all my juices a beautiful frothy whipped up frenzy of flavors that we enjoy whenever we can. We like to have fun and take our “shots” of juices in a variety of fun glasses and shot glasses.  If you make enough juice it should last 2 days in the fridge – although it is pretty darn yummy so the chances of it lasting longer than a day are slim but you can try.

Make variations yourself and definitely have fun.