Hail Mary cocktail
Looks like some interesting easy to make whip them up fresh cocktails from your juicer. You could take out the alcohol if you wish and still get an amazing fresh fruit / vegetable drink. I always recommend with cold drinks to pop the glass in the freezer just to get it to the right cold temperature for serving. I believe the temperature of the vessel is as important as the drink itself.


Jem of a Juice Bar in Mexico City International Airport

Photos by Suzanne

Awesome to discover this juice bar at Mexico City International Airport. The gal in the photo was so proud to have made me the Antioxidant drink before my flight and she agreed to being in my blog for you all. If you find yourself in the International area of Mexico City Airport go grab a beautiful juice from her and support this business – vegans and non-vegans will get a kick out of this place. This is an awesome option for any body out there looking for a boost of nutrition before their flight.

Twisted Watermelon & Lemon Juice

Fresh Watermelon Lemon Juice to start off our dinner tonight with – ok really yummy.        Photos by Suzanne

It’s so easy to fall in love with Watermelon Juice. I purchased a small watermelon for $2 at the local green grocer. Brought it home and juiced it in my Magic Bullet blender. I added fresh squeezed lemon juice to the watermelon juice and whipped it up together to enjoy before dinner tonight. What a great way to start the evening with a fresh mouth cleanser like this. Watermelon Juice offers some good health benefits – so bottoms up. The Magic Bullet gives all my juices a beautiful frothy whipped up frenzy of flavors that we enjoy whenever we can. We like to have fun and take our “shots” of juices in a variety of fun glasses and shot glasses.  If you make enough juice it should last 2 days in the fridge – although it is pretty darn yummy so the chances of it lasting longer than a day are slim but you can try.

Make variations yourself and definitely have fun.