Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I saw this article on Linked In today from Michael Edwards CEO Organic Lifestyle Magazine “For those of you who are raw foodies or are trying to incorporate more raw foods into your lives, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to endure. ”
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Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Raw Pumpkin Pie Recipe

In my ten years of eating raw, I can tell you from firsthand experience that desserts are the most difficult raw dishes to prepare. Through a miserable number of trials and errors over the years, I’ve got many raw desserts like cheesecake, brownies, cherry sorbet, and coconut macaroons down to an artful science. Pumpkin pie, on the other hand, was always a challenge for me. In the times I attempted to prepare this gourd pie, it always came out tasting bland, dry, and unappealing. It wasn’t until my close friend, who is also a raw foodie, recommended I try her recipe that I finally made some headway with my homemade raw pumpkin pie.

One of the common misconceptions about raw desserts is that they don’t taste good. On the contrary, cooking raw is delicious. All you have to do is use high-quality ingredients, stick to the accurate measurements, and taste as you go. If something doesn’t taste quite right, trust your gut and tweak it. If you think your dessert needs an additional ingredient, go ahead and add it! Like an artist’s painting, raw food desserts are supposed to be unique to each artisan.

For those of you who are raw foodies or are trying to incorporate more raw foods into your lives, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday to endure. Everything from the savory turkey, warm yeast rolls, and sweet pecan pie can derail all your efforts to eat raw. With this delicious raw pumpkin pie recipe, however, you’ll be all set for your Thanksgiving dessert. Not only is it filling, it’s insanely delish! Try this pumpkin pie out during the holiday or any ol’ time you have a craving for this classic dessert.

Raw Pie Crust
2 ½ cups pecan flour
¾ cup coconut oil, cold
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

Okay let’s start with the crust! Start by placing the flour, salt, and sugar in an electric mixer bowl and mix on high for 30 seconds. Next, add the coconut oil and mix until the crust forms a solid, cohesive mixture. Don’t worry if you see a few crumbles though. If necessary, add a little more oil or water to solidify the crust.

Dust a clean surface with a pinch of flour and place the crust on the dusted surface. Using your hands, knead the crust into two flat ball shapes, (keep in mind: this pie makes enough for two crusts) wrap in plastic wrap, and place them freezer until you’ll ready to use them. When you’re putting your pie together, pull out one of the crusts, and using a rolling pin, flatten it out into the shape of a large circle (aka pie crust). Have flour on hand to prevent the crust from sticking to the surface. Gently lift the crust and place it in the pie pan. Press the crust until it adheres to the pan.

Pumpkin Pie Filling
3 cups shredded pumpkin
1 cup cashews, soaked for four hours, drained, and then mashed
¼ cup almond milk
½ cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon tapioca starch
2 tablespoons molasses
3 teaspoons vanilla bean extract
1 teaspoon coconut oil
2 teaspoons cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg
pinch cloves

Combine all the ingredients in an electric mixing bowl. Mix for 3 minutes on high speed. Spread into one of the prepared pie crusts. Refrigerate for at least three hours. Eat and enjoy!

Eating raw is not easy during the holidays, but the health benefits of doing so are definitely worthwhile.


What $60 can buy for vegan kitchen

Purchase set up design and photo by Suzanne

This is always an interesting exercise for anyone to undertake. What is the cost of your food? Do you know? What makes up your purchase of food, what are you really buying and what is the cost? How can you save $$$ is there room for that? Of course depending on your own unique situation this will be an eye opener. If you have never truly looked at your purchases and the costs I highly recommend this as a great way to truly take stock and control of supplies.

This was $60 worth of food which will add to our storage supplies e.g. can’s of chick peas are great for whipping up a quick houmous anytime or a can of kidney beans can be quickly added to any meal without having to wait for the dry ones to be prepared.

This supply will be for 3 adults (1 is a teenager) for the week. That being said we will not use the 3 Silk for coffee in the week however they were are sale by .60 cents so I bought a few (we have more in the fridge so we are well supplied). When we see items that we use alot of on sale we buy as much as can afford at the time. It makes cents 🙂

The oranges will be juiced and mixed with perhaps some soda water to thin it out and spread it out for longer use. We may add some of the lemon juice to that and we have lots of limes in the fridge already so perhaps we will juice up orange, lemon, lime shots of goodness.

It is interesting to note the most expensive item on this purchase is the Mesa Sunrise which we use for breakfast as a base and that was $7.98. That will last use for likely 2 weeks as we only use small amounts and add other items to our breakfast that we have in stock such as chia seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower, cacoa, lavender flakes, fresh mint, dried fruits such as cranberry and so on. It does go a long way.

  • Mesa Sunrise Breakfast $7.98
  • Oranges $5.97
  • Tortilla Chips $3.99
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk $3.97
  • Dried Prunes $3.47
  • Bags of onions $1.99

The next expensive item on the purchase is the oranges coming in at $5.97. These should last into next week – we have already juiced half and have that juice in the fridge to be ready to take a shot or dilute with other juices we make. Beet, carrot apple and orange we could make that right away with a shot of lemon for zest.

Dried prunes – we love these – just one a day is so good for you helps fill you up with fiber and other goodness.

The least expensive item on the this purchase is the garlic coming in at .21 cents for 6 heads of garlic.

Let’s not forget that we live in Vancouver – an expensive city. We have found places that offer really good prices as green grocers, farmers markets and at times we go to one box store. The reason we like the box store is that these companies actually watch the clicks of purchase. This is important in my opinion as they will adjust their purchasing power to the items sold and that can really help the consumer in the long run.

So in summary this is a great way to explore what you are buying what you are spending and exactly then giving you ideas on how to explore new ways to save while adding value to your nutrition home and happiness.

We may spend a few more dollars perhaps up to $20 for some additional items that maybe we need however we have become shelf stockers in our home. We have supplies or rice, rice noodles, beans galore, dried fruits & nuts and all kinds of things because not of it is animal meats or products our food doesn’t go off. We use the fresh first and have storage of items that we could survive in should emergency strike and as a way to save.

Believe you me it has been a learning curve however now we are in full swing and settled into a groove the food shopping works really well and is much more enjoyable experience. Of course there are weeks when we will spend more as we need different things however we are much more conscious of what we are doing and this came from the whole food plant based lifestyle for sure as it made us review what we are doing, why and the costs.

Savings come with less time in the stores. This $60 purchase took me around 45 minutes total to get so huge time saving – I know what I need and want and where to get it – no wandering around the isles anymore. Plus of course savings of gas to get to the stores and then much less stress trying to navigate that whole store system which I find depressing and awful. Farmers markets and your local green grocers are the way to go. Support them and they will bring you great food for your kitchen. Use the big box stores diligently to get the right clicks – its like voting you are voting with what you buy in the stores for food.

PS) the items with marketing will be put into jars or Tupperware for easy storage in our cupboards. We try to not have much however there are things you want that you feel are worth the marketing such as the Mesa which is non gmo recycled packaging etc. It’s a work in progress always tweaking to find better and better results.

Dish Da Lish

Creation of meal, presentation and photo by Suzanne

This is our Halloween meal which was so easy to make and much yum O to enjoy.  Here we have the obvious last of the season corn for around these parts. I topped the corn with a mix I made of coconut oil and nutritional yeast (this is an excellent tasty alternative to the traditional butter). We will also find on our plate beautiful stone ground whole grain corn organic gluten free tortilla chips along with fresh slices of cucumber. To this I added a bunch of tasty flash toasted squash and last nights meal Tomato Bean Rice Dream which is posted on my blog. I topped the it all with some fresh lavender a sprinkle of chia seeds flakes of nutritional yeast and well let me tell you – its all gone and we just loved it. So tasty so warm so fresh so good. This is the size of meal we would usually have these days. Perhaps at times we may have a small second round of oooo’s and aaaaah’s.  You can see this meal offers high nutrition along with a spectrum from different food groups. This meal took very little time and energy to make. This meal fed 3 adults. This meal was served on my beautiful handmade clay plates. We feel completely satisfied happy well nourished on a rainy night and now it’s time for a warm almond milk cacao hemp drink.

Jars of Joy

Photo and design ideas by Suzanne

Here is an example of my transition from the non-vegan cupboard to the vegan cupboard. I put everything into jars that I can. The lesson in removing the branding wherever possible has allowed me to change the look and feel of the kitchen. When you open the cupboard you see mostly items in jars expect the Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Tamari Sauce and Sesame Oil.  The jars are easily moved around in the cupboard, easy to grab hold and use. I simply tip out what I want directly from the jars. I make my own labels such as one you can see says “Coo Coo for Coconuts”. My cupboard became fun and fun makes things easier and people love looking at this. The marketing is gone for the most part and right there is a sense of new found freedom. These items go into breakfast lunches and dinners, you can see by the labels that perhaps it’s time for new ones. Once done I will take a fresh photo and share with you. For now this gets you going on the idea.  Also, note mostly my items are bulk buys so we have stores of foods therefore much less time in the supermarkets which offers way more time for getting outdoors on my bike down to the gym work efforts coffee with friends writing this blog and so on. It’s pretty cool how it came to be. There is always more tweaking to do however this is really good for our home and well being.

Scented Earth Drawer For Kitchens

Here is my drawer set up as a earthy feel for storage of seeds, nutritional yeast, lavender, cinnamon, turmeric, cayenne and other goodies. It’s such a great drawer to open as it offers a whiff of scents with stress free access. I have a couple of signs you can see to remind us of something. Next photo shows what one of them says.

Longevity image sits atop a bag of quinoa as a reminder of what we are doing here in this whole food plant based lifestyle – everyone loves this and the teenagers that visit are smitten with the idea – perfect! It allows a connection to the items you can touch them easily and look at them you can pick a pinch of lavender to smell – its really good for our home and our lives.

I have made significant strides in my efforts to turn my kitchen around to a beautiful Vegan kitchen. I have very little brand names/marketing left. I mostly buy bulk and turn items into jars in the cupboard. By doing this work it has afforded me the opportunity to really look a the incredible food marketing machine and make much much much better choices. Removing the marketing has given my family and friends an insight into what is possible. People open my drawers with ooooo’s and ahhhhh’s as over the year everything has taken a transformation including what’s in our cupboards. We are much better organized and purposeful with our shopping. There is a terrible problem with our supermarkets. They are not friendly places. They are places I am not talking about the companies that make amazing products I am talking about the masses of foods in those box stores and the incredible marketing that promotes people to wander around aisles leaning on buggies and filling up with emptiness for the most part and taking away people time energy and money. That is a whole other topic folks.

Taking away the marketing has given us much pleasure and a huge uptick in fun when exploring what to cook or eat. The longevity symbol I found at a thrift store for like .10 cents.

More organized less shopping more focused no animal products all vegan = money saving available time expansion opens options – we just love it!

Heavenly Hemp Hearts for Health

Recipe Design Set Up and Photo by Suzanne

Tonight as most in the winter months I like to whip up a cozy drink for whoever is around before bed. Although this delicious drink is not specific to evenings and can be taken anytime, great in the morning too, always yummy so take your shots of hemp hearts anytime.

My Heavenly Hemp Hearts for Health is super easy. Grind your fresh hemp hearts; add ground hemp hearts plus in this case I used Twister Power which is Cacao, Hemp & Maca ground 1 T or whatever portion for your own taste. power to almond milk. Add a few petals of Lavender. Whip it up in your magic bullet until nice and frothy.

Add to your favorite shot glasses. Perhaps dust ever so lightly with cinnamon and in this case I put in a dash of cinnamon whiskey for flavor. Ok, this is soooooooooo good you which you had made a lot more. Suddenly you realize you love Almond Milk and you must have more of it in your fridge. This is a good thing.

Variations: you can change it up with Cacao Powder and Vanilla Almond Milk you can add a little of any liquor you like (nothing with cream or milk for Vegans). Sometimes if I find some vegan chocolate nibs I will grind them up with the drink for added texture.

NOTE: this will not last long and you will want more – how fun is that 🙂

My Grazing Drawer in Kitchen

Ok so this is incredibly simple. Last year as we started off on our whole food plant based lifestyle I came up with this idea on how to use the tins that some of our food came in for storage. Then I had the brilliant idea that they would fit in a drawer in our kitchen and I could fill them up with different nuts, seeds, dried fruits of whatever you want including dates, figs, prunes, dried cherries and so on. You can see in this photo that I have pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and the darker foods are prunes, dates, cranberries. These tins are incredibly resilient, they hold alot of food stuffs of course you can pack more sunflower seeds into a tin than say dried prunes simply due to the size of the food itself. Everyone who comes to our house just LOVES the grazing drawer. Some items remain static and the tin always full as we buy bulk or on sale etc and new foods come and go. Its awesome for all the family and friends.  The teenagers love it – its FUN and they eat what’s in there without any pushing from anyone they simply dive in. Its a great way to educate children and nudge them towards good food. We pick and pack for breakfast, snacks for hiking, school, work snacks from this drawer all the time. The tins can move around in the drawer so you bring one forward and one back – you are involved and that makes it fun. Its proven to be so easy yet so fun. Everyone loves the grazing drawer and even better they can help themselves and as a result in my opinion they own what they put in their bodies and gain their own results. All ages from the little ones to the teens and right up to grandpa/grandma will love the grazing drawer in your home too.  This is my original idea – so easy – so effective – so fun.