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Suzanne and Tony are an active over 55 couple who have enjoyed seriously positive changes in regaining their health including weight loss, hair growth, vitality, fun, skin health, energy boosts, strength of body mind and spirit. You will find them outdoors doing something.

Hi, I’m Suzanne – nice to meet you!

So You Want To Be A Vegan offers readers my personal experience in turning to a complete whole food plant based lifestyle with my family (4 of us in total) to discover initially if that would help some health issues. Our journey is now 14 months on and WOW have we made some discoveries not to say the least being a complete renewed zest for life. On September 1, 2011 I started the whole food plant based lifestyle with my husband. As the year went on we had our two children move into our home so we went from empty nesters to full house for a period of time. Each of us took up the lifestyle each with our own personal results however with the overarching lesson that this is the way to be living for us. I am blogging to share our experiences along that path and to talk about my journey from a lifestyle that I “thought” was healthy to avoiding surgery and taking back our bodies at every level of being.  It was time to grab my life and do something really different. Really really different. Not radical more purposeful and perhaps as we would ultimately learn, more disciplined by virtue of simply practicing. Turning to a whole food plant based lifestyle, for us, has unlocked all the healthy benefits and results and shown many more pieces that I didn’t know existed until today. Every day living the whole food plant based lifestyle offers something new be it a new fruit or nut or someone saying how good you look today.

I hope that I can connect with others who can relate to my journey and inspire those of any age, anywhere in the world to join me on the whole food plant based lifestyle and enjoy healthy living at a whole new level.

This incredible adventure has been so fun, so freeing, so enlightening that I want to share what I learned to help others who are on the same path or seeking information to get going.

There is no time like the present. You can start very easily by removing all the animal based products you have in your kitchen. Read labels and get informed. Remove them, give them away or toss them away you have to start in your kitchen and cleanse it of any products that have any animal product in it and that includes those labeled “may contain wheat, milk, dairy etc”. You can easily replace these products with new ones that don’t contain animal product – there are many choices at the stores and green grocers.

This blog comes after 14 months of transition. After laying down discipline enough to know that in sticking to the whole food plant based lifestyle the rewards come in small and sometimes huge changes. Subtle and Significant. From ill health (although to be honest I thought I was healthy so that was the first epiphany – I wasn’t).

I am just starting to blog so please be patient as I know it will unfold into something beautiful as I go along.

I truly hope my blog inspires everyone of all ages, female and male, to take the first steps in regaining their health. My blog is not just about me but my whole family who have enjoyed healthy results for life.

Come back often to learn with me and share your results with others.  Together we will take back our health. I hope my story helps you in some way.


2 thoughts on “About Me / Us

  1. WOW Ally – this is amazing thank you so much – I never even knew about these awards …. I am very grateful for your nomination .. have a wonderful day … Suzanne

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