Sunshine Award Nomination – Thank You!

Recently, I was fortunate to receive some award nominations from another blogger. It is truly amazing to know that people value the content of So You Want To Be A Vegan. I have to admit I have come to love blogging and I find my energy and content takes different directions including photography, music videos and other content to share with you. This is in progress and I can’t wait to discover where it leads and the changes that comes with that.

I want to thank Made For Stars from Australia for the incredible recent nomination for a Sunshine Award. I didn’t know that existed and was surprised to find myself nominated. Thank you Made for Stars.

Thanks to all of you who impress with your blogs it’s incredible the creativity. New friends from around the world is awesome even if purely through the blogs.  I hope my blog goes on transitioning through weaving directions sharing with you and learning from you. What started as a Vegan blog has taken different dimensions and has been fun to explore different elements.  I am grateful to connect with many interesting people from around the world.


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