Pedal perfect: Bikers shed spandex to inspire new riders

People gather in downtown Decatur before setting off to ride, including Jae Schmidt, pictured with hat, the owner of Houndstooth Road bicycle boutique, who helped organize the event.

I saw this article and want to share. This type of event breaks down barriers brings people together and reminds one that cycling and wellness can be for anyone – it’s never to late to start. It’s always good to have options. Imagine if you can get fit at the same time as having fun. Perhaps your entire direction will change completely. Personally I have always loved a good cycle however since changing my lifestyle to the whole food plant based one and losing all the weight I have my cycling time and adventures has increased dramatically. The fitter I become the further I can go the more weather I can take (rain, wind, winter) and it just keeps on getting better. Definitely many more people should be opening up to cycling – its a natural progression in my opinion to have as your only set of wheels (do Zip Car for example if you need one) or to have on. The rewards are as easy as getting on your bike and heading out there …


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