Krispy Krazy Kale Chips

Krispy Krazy Kale Chips – Photo by Suzanne

Ok Kale Chips are ever so yummy and super simple to make.


  • a bunch of kale and break apart from the stalks in large pieces (they shrink alot in the baking) and rinse well


  • dry the kale pieces well –  I used a food spinner in combination with patting dry inside a clean cloth – Kale holds water so you do have to make some effort in the drying part


  • put kale pieces into a plastic bag and drop in add small amount of olive oil (say around 1 tablespoon) and massage the kale with the oil – a little oil goes a long way with kale so start less oil and add more if you want


  • add some sea salt and we put nutritional yeast and turmeric for flavor (of course you don’t have to use either as the Kale chips are awesome without anything extra or add your own flavors)


  • sprinkle out the kale pieces onto a good tray and pop into a hot oven say around 350 degrees put timer on for 10 minutes as time flies and suddenly the chips are burning so CHECK ON YOUR KALE CHIPS regularly by using a timer in small time bursts to ensure excellent baked kale chips every time

These popular chips won’t last long as you will want to taste right away and guess what they are fantastic and anyone around will want them so they go in a heart beat. If you want lots of chips for a family or lunches or for kids / adult parties etc they are great alternative to potato chips however you will need to make lots as they shrink quite alot so play with it and find your way.

Always – have fun! Enjoy!


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