Cloud Crowds Tempt the Sun

Nature’s Design – Photo By Suzanne

“Cloud Crowds gather in bundles and bunches sometime as solo sailors and others gather like a packed out kitchen party. When above them we see the other side that faces outward to the universe while below perhaps rain and storms persist. Cloud Crowds invite the sun to find a gap and come to their party in this image.” Suzanne

Flight is an incredible experience of mankind. To see the planet from 30,000 feet is a marvel regardless of anything on the ground we are incredibly fortunate to be able to fly anywhere in comfort and be the observer. Here is a photo that I took while traveling by jet high above the earth. I love this image offering blankets of clouds with light streams of sun seeking gaps to shine through.  This image is as captured in black and white which gives great texture and tones. I hope you enjoy this one. Happy Planet Vegan Photographer Suzanne.


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