Dish Da Lish

Creation of meal, presentation and photo by Suzanne

This is our Halloween meal which was so easy to make and much yum O to enjoy.  Here we have the obvious last of the season corn for around these parts. I topped the corn with a mix I made of coconut oil and nutritional yeast (this is an excellent tasty alternative to the traditional butter). We will also find on our plate beautiful stone ground whole grain corn organic gluten free tortilla chips along with fresh slices of cucumber. To this I added a bunch of tasty flash toasted squash and last nights meal Tomato Bean Rice Dream which is posted on my blog. I topped the it all with some fresh lavender a sprinkle of chia seeds flakes of nutritional yeast and well let me tell you – its all gone and we just loved it. So tasty so warm so fresh so good. This is the size of meal we would usually have these days. Perhaps at times we may have a small second round of oooo’s and aaaaah’s.  You can see this meal offers high nutrition along with a spectrum from different food groups. This meal took very little time and energy to make. This meal fed 3 adults. This meal was served on my beautiful handmade clay plates. We feel completely satisfied happy well nourished on a rainy night and now it’s time for a warm almond milk cacao hemp drink.


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