Mexico City International Airport – Offers Vegan Options Without Knowing It

Photos by Suzanne

There are a number of Vegan options, accidental I believe, at Mexico City International Airport if you look. These few photos give you some ideas of what is on offer with some hot food options plus there are small shops that offer fresh fruit and soy milk options for a hot coffee. People in Mexico eat alot of meats so looking for true Vegan options does require some effort on your part, especially if there is a language barrier, however it can be done with a little persistence respect and smiles. Of course many Mexican people I am sure are Vegetarian or Vegan however for the International traveler it can be challenging to find something without animal product as they are heavy users of a variety of meats particularly chicken (pollo) and leche (milk). Note: careful with rice as it is often cooked with pollo broth. Regardless these are part of the adventure and it offers interesting conversations while making of new friends and learning together. Perhaps you will find something new and interesting to eat too.


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