This Vegan is Going Traveling

Photos by Suzanne

I am heading to Mexico for business. Here I am waiting at the gate with time to spare so thought I would share a pic of the Vegan traveler pack. Love how apple connects with Vegans 🙂 had to do it … my snack pack should last me the whole trip. Will update and check in if I can although I have quite alot of business to do so not sure on time. Earlier this year I traveled to Hawaii easily as a Vegan – a plug for Alaska Airlines here – I was stunned to learn they offered a Vegan option for snacks on board – that was awesome and I sent them an email of compliments for this progressive forward move. Hawaii was easy for Vegan travelers with plenty of options. Will be looking for Vegan ideas where I am and advise back when I get a chance for an update.


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