Jars of Joy

Photo and design ideas by Suzanne

Here is an example of my transition from the non-vegan cupboard to the vegan cupboard. I put everything into jars that I can. The lesson in removing the branding wherever possible has allowed me to change the look and feel of the kitchen. When you open the cupboard you see mostly items in jars expect the Coconut Oil, Gluten Free Tamari Sauce and Sesame Oil.  The jars are easily moved around in the cupboard, easy to grab hold and use. I simply tip out what I want directly from the jars. I make my own labels such as one you can see says “Coo Coo for Coconuts”. My cupboard became fun and fun makes things easier and people love looking at this. The marketing is gone for the most part and right there is a sense of new found freedom. These items go into breakfast lunches and dinners, you can see by the labels that perhaps it’s time for new ones. Once done I will take a fresh photo and share with you. For now this gets you going on the idea.  Also, note mostly my items are bulk buys so we have stores of foods therefore much less time in the supermarkets which offers way more time for getting outdoors on my bike down to the gym work efforts coffee with friends writing this blog and so on. It’s pretty cool how it came to be. There is always more tweaking to do however this is really good for our home and well being.


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