First Snow Ride

Yesterday’s photo show wind blown rough seas exhilarating ride today we have snow capped mountains -WHAT??? – sunshine fresh dair and these images taken along the same route a day apart. Love living in Vancouver.


cycle the park on a deep autumn late afternoon is way more fun that all the reasons why I couldn’t do it .. so glad I pushed out and got the story ..


2 thoughts on “First Snow Ride

  1. Thank you. It was cold yes it was and I know it going to get a whole lot colder. Interesting discovery out of this ride. The people who were also in the park cycling, walking, rollerblading and having wedding photos taken are similiar to us – they pushed out against staying home warm and cozy or shopping – the less people in the park the more we have in common I discovered. I met a couple from England braving the chills, a bride in a tiny dress with a huge smile so beautiful, a young with a tiny baby wrapped like a present, someone drawing words in the wet sand and so on. The sun came out quite warm for an hour and that was special. The more I push out from the comfort zone the more I can do the further I go each time a new layer of the old me drops away. If you are dressed for it you can do it too. Have a fun. Thanks for stopping by.

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