Natures Cup

Here is a little avocado bowl of blueberry that I made at the beach. Who needs a man made bowl when nature provided one for us? Super easy to scoop out the avocado meat chop it up mix with blueberries and perhaps add some hemp hearts / mango / fresh garlic finely diced and perhaps a dash of coconut oil – ok this is seriously delicious and fun. I took a tiny chopping board in my handbag to make this. Voila a fabulous easy super healthy anti-oxidant rich snack for the beach or a picnic. BONUS: once finished this delightful high powered treat you can rub the avocado bowl on your face and then jump in the ocean / pool or simply wipe off with a towel – beautiful for skin health and total use of natures gifts. Many savings being afforded such as you know exactly what you are eating; you are in complete control of what you are putting in your body; no packaging; minimal if any waste; huge anti-oxidant intake for your body; skin care as nature intended and so on. Have fun make your own, experiment and definitely have fun.


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