Stress Buster

I took this photo at the end of a 1.5 hour ride on a beautiful crisp autumn afternoon TODAY. My legs are so strong these days it’s scary FUN – that’s my leg!

The Vegan lifestyle has afforded me weight loss and rebounding energy that I feel like I did when I was 20. So not only am I am able to do my stairs at the gym also I can add in a sweet ride. Soon you discover there is so much to discover as you lose weight you naturally and easily start to get into new streams of consciousness and those streams lead you to untold new discoveries. What no longer was working moves aside as new strides take shape including your legs ladies!!!

I started at the gym walking on the treadmill to running on the treadmill to the stairmaster. I could not do on any of those machines what I can do today and here is the kicker – it’s the change of the food completely that youthed me and turned things around. The change to Vegan drove home the significant changes that I am empowered with today.

Get out of your car out of your TV out of the malls (haven’t been to a mall in more than a year now – high five to me – never liked shopping anyway) into the Vegan lifestyle and all the changes will appear if you want to see them.

So much fun in all that fresh air with a huge stress buster that blows out anything else I have discovered to date.  Freedom lays in the whole food plant based lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “Stress Buster

    • Welcome and thank you. Here is how we did .. right off like a band-aid .. out with the old in with the new .. you do have to be involved especially in your home .. you have to transition from the other lifestyle to this one by removing first everything that has animal product in it .. perhaps your cupboards will be bare however hooray now you have a fresh slate to start with .. its about starting with excitement and commitment to purpose .. I have some photos coming up soon of my cupboards and the amazing transformation that has occurred .. we barely have any marketing with our food anymore .. its a real eye popping experience .. if you seek weight loss, return to healthy body then vegan is for you … we are super active and we eat vegan for 14 months now .. take the lifestyle and change your life .. good luck and if I can help you reach out .. and always always .. make it fun .. cheers

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