Step Right Up to the Stairmaster Soon

Here I am stepping up onto the Stairmaster ready to take a serious uphill power walk. In this session I did 30 minutes with 15 of calorie counter and 15 of fat burn.

The Stairmaster has been my proven strength and cardio love affair. This machine is awesome for shedding pounds redefining your body shape at every level improving lung capacity breaking a serious sweat firming up your butt turning your legs into sexy babes all in 15 – 30 minutes a day. This is my all time favorite of everything I have done in search of fabulous fitness.

I started at a low level / tension about 6 months ago. Once and I suggest you do this quickly I got my groove on this machine off I went and regularly I increased the tension and levels whereby today I start at level 16 and bam off I go on my way to an amazing new body filled with possibilities and adventure.

Expect to sweat, your skin will love you for it.

Step right up and get on a Stairmaster soon. Challenge yourself by increasing resistance and make sure you make regular appearances on the machine. Your body mind and spirit will soar.

Have fun. It’s only as hard as you impose on yourself.  Step right up and get going right away towards a full healthy life regained and maintained.

You will love the new you.


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