One Happy Vegan

One happy Vegan One year later. Here I am 40lbs lighter, definitely much much much fitter of mind and body. I feel calmer of spirit less worried more free – definitely I feel freer. My skin and hair have improved out of sight – hey I am 55 – I can’t believe my hair growth and sheen with a natural color improvement for over a year now – my hair is so soft instead of old and wired.  The sheer power of life improvement has been incredible and beats out any books I have read or anything I have done so far. This lifestyle has opened my eyes and my heart in at times stunning revelations. The space afforded to me now in my life is big and I am able to re org my entire life anytime and in any direction I want. I love being Vegan. Vegan is “youthing “me (Mimi Kirk says it well on her website “Young On Raw Food” and I really dig the results! I thought that I was well in my past life (pre-vegan) but ah no – I was not. Amazingly I thought I ate well. Another shocking revelation was that I wasn’t as clearly the two paths of lifestyle offer very different results. That is clear now.  Today I am very well strong healthy and happy. I can do anything. I can ride my bike in the rain. I can take alot of pressure and not lose it. My new found wellness is right on! Get into the Vegan Lifestyle right now and then don’t look back. It’s all about the food!


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