Colourful Creative Cycle

October 16, 2012 – 5pm Jump on my ride and hit the road to see what I could find. I found these beautiful images and lots of awesome energy around me. The negative ion intake was huge.


Photos by Suzanne.

I was unable to make the gym for my stair master ride today so instead I hopped on my mountain bike and headed out into the tail end of a rainy day. The expressions and energy from nature was diverse as it was dramatic. Perhaps you enjoy some of these images while I was out for my exercise and creative cycle today.

Home at 6.30pm having taken in a good cardio ride seeking uphills and going for distance. I feel fantastic. Being a Vegan for 14 months now has allowed me to truly see that the limits we have are the ones we put on our selves. Like today: it was raining “I could stay home, it’s cold out side plus raining I could stay home, it’s getting dark out I could stay home”. Alas, the bucket of reasons why I shouldn’t go can get full very quickly.  These days – kick that bucket over I am going out anyway. Since being Vegan I find myself much more apt to simply get over the ego discussion and go and look what I came back with – beautiful images of life. Inspiring. Now time for this energetic Vegan to warm up some soup and settle into the evening.


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