Shots of Goodness – Heavenly

I regularly make little shots of goodness for myself, family and friends. Images above show a recent shot of goodness I made in my magic bullet. Everyone loves my shots of goodness.

Heavenly Recipe

  • Add the ingredients below into your magic bullet or blender
  • Take some unsweetened almond milk (amount to be determined for your own situation – serving for 1,2, 3, 4 or 8)
  • Add good quality Vanilla to taste
  • Add ground Maca, Hemp, Cacao
  • Add a dash of cinnamon
  • Optional – add some dark chocolate pieces (Vegan)

Whip this up in your magic bullet or blender. Allow it to really whip up, if you added the chocolate pieces they will break up into small bits, and get this frothy.

Time to make: 2 minutes

Time to enjoy: shot it down or slow sip – your choice

Serve in shot glasses of choice.

NOTE: expect many yummmmmmms and ooooooooo this is good and can I have more 🙂 so I always make enough for 2 shots.

No need to warm this up however if you want to I recommend firstly adding all the ingredients into a saucepan and that pan into boiling water so the pan with the milk isn’t directly on the heat. Once warmed up put in small batches into your magic bullet or blender and whip till frothy. Serve in shot glasses for a delicious warm drink served anytime. We enjoy this drink before bed for a good night sleep – ahhhhhhhhhhh however it can be made and enjoyed for breakfast too. Kids, teenagers and adults love these shots because they are fun. Perfect for kids getting home from school.

Photos by Suzanne


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