Ellen DeGeneres on being vegan

Thank you Ellen for this frank truthful and heartfelt interview. This clip came into my vision early on in the transition to the whole food plant based lifestyle / Vegan. Ellen makes some very key comments that fast forward today we now understand. We too are healthier and happier for being Vegan. She comments about putting fear into our body and now 14 months since starting this new journey we too feel less fearful less anxious and much more empowered. NOTE: Earthlings is very challenging to watch – we started to and the first chapter was enough – we got the message loud and clear – Ellen hats off for being able to watch this through. We started the Vegan lifestyle for health reasons to regain our beings back into a healthy state – the animal situation comes into vision as you go along and then you start to put it all together and boom you will never look back. Thank you for setting the table on the truth Ellen. We love you! The animals love you! The planet thanks you so much.


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