Beauty in the Cupboard – Special Guest – Lavender

Sauna / Bath / Shower Scrub recipe from Suzanne. Photos by Suzanne

Easy 4 items from your cupboard face scrub.

One of the great elements of the whole food plant based lifestyle is that you can not only eat all the foods you can make all your skin care from your kitchen easily.

BIG BONUS: I eat the almonds, lavender, pumpkin seeds and I also grind them up and use as a face / neck / hands and arms scrub. Once you start to sweat in the sauna put some on your face and start to work it around like a scrub. It’s really nice with lovely scents popping. BONUS: the ground almonds start to turn into milk on your face as it gets wet. EXTRA BONUS: if you get some in your mouth you can simply eat it as it is right from your kitchen, you made it so you know whats in it.

Sometimes I take a lemon slice or half and dip that in this mix and use the lemon as a tool to spread the scrub around. If you have some coconut milk around add a splash and make a wet mix to spread on your face and scrub lightly / leave on for length of time. Ahhhhhhh this is a lovely creation from my kitchen for my / our / your face. After shower I would apply coconut oil to my face and let that soak right in.

Have fun.


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