Ah weekends come weekends go … gather your rest now …

Vancouver Sunset from Stanley Park. Photo by Suzanne

Farewell to another day and welcome to tomorrow.

Sleep is the perfect tonic for beauty. Enjoy your sleep. Prepare well for your sleep. Get to bed at a decent time and let sleep become you. A rich deep sleep serves up serious benefits to your overall health.

Sleep is one of the most important pillars for overall wellness. In my experience sleep for Vegans becomes a deeper easier richers experience. As your body cells cleanse of toxins and you lose fear and gain clarity sleep naturally falls into step with your body rhythms and you want the sleep I used to be a grumpy don’t want to get out of bed person and today with over 1 year of the lifestyle the improvements are enormous. For me it was not so much the going to sleep it was the getting up at the other side. Now my body rhythms are humming and the 7 – 8 hours seems to fly by and when I wake I feel rested renewed rejuvenated. If I get less sleep due to a morning meeting or flight to catch for example I still feel quite empowered to not be sucking back buckets of coffee to keep awake and not waking up grumpy. Since adopting the whole food plant based lifestyle, Vegan, waking up feeling refreshed has never been easier. Wellness is a whole experience. Being Vegan promotes wellness at every level and the longer being true the richer the well being. It’s really quite amazing. Feel good you have accomplished today take time to rest properly and engage in good sleep patterns the more you enjoy the Vegan lifestyle these elements naturally adapt to new energy. No need for pills, although I have never had that need, for sleep. Just a good simple whole food plant based lifestyle will get you into a zone you can only imagine. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comes easy.


2 thoughts on “Ah weekends come weekends go … gather your rest now …

  1. You are right it is a commitment to be Vegan. The temptations of not being Vegan are everywhere and driven / hidden in excellent marketing plans that you must have these animals for your body health. It is cheap it is nasty and it is bad for the planet resources let alone our bodies. I have lived for 14 months with any cheese, yogurt, chicken, fish, beef, lamb, gravies, turkeys, their milk, their bodies disguised as something yummy in bottles even animal products are in some potato chips – I could go on and on. We are far from hermits. We still go out to parties, concerts, dinner parties. We just don’t eat the animals. To be honest I have never felt so good. Boundless quality energy regained control of my being stopped being part of the giant marketing machine which leads to stresses and sickness. I equate it to smoking you either do or you don’t. This is the same for the whole food plant based lifestyle / Vegan. You are or you are not. Once you take the step to Vegan everything changes for the better and quickly. This is not a diet this is a lifestyle by choice. People will be critical and poke fun even laugh but that’s ok they may be scared of your new found empowerment. This empowerment has led my family into places we never thought possible. The longer you stay with the whole food plant based lifestyle the more the results come forward. Awareness and clarity kick in and total wellness of mind body spirit has a chance to truly grow. Good for you half way there is really great. One day soon I think you will easily move to no animals / animal products in your body – right there is the choice that will lead you to total empowerment. Enjoy and make it fun 🙂

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