Good Love – Lunch / Dinner Meal – Suze’s Saturday Delight

Suze’s Saturday Delight.

Photo by Suzanne

Tonight’s dinner was awesome. Super easy super yum oh.

Quickly cook up some rice noodles. Meanwhile getting chopping anything you have. In this case I chopped up into a bowl garlic, onion, tomatoes, cucumber, mint and added lemon juice. Stir this up and get the flavors mixing.You can let this sit as long as you want really however as it is moist I suggest using within a couple of hours. In this case I kept giving it a quick toss about then getting on with draining the noodles. In a saucepan lightly melt some coconut oil and toss in chopped mushrooms to saute until you desire. Then make a spot in the hot pan for the noodles along with your tomato cucumber mix, making three separate parts in the same pan.  Toss in some sesame oil heat to steamed. Remove lid and select a bunch from each group and make beautiful layers of delicious food. Top with a dash of miso paste, garlic turmeric pickle. Add some diced avocados with a sprinkle toss of Chia, Flax and, Sesame Seeds.  Complete with healthy sprinkle of nutritional yeast. Serve in warm bowls that have been slowly warming up on the stoves edges.  This meal took 12 minutes to make and 8 minutes to eat. Oh yea this is seriously easy and delicious.  Gluten Free. Packed with nutrition. Add more less to amounts according to how many mouths you feed.  Easy meal for popping in fridge for next day or to take to work/school in container. Add steamed or raw broccoli topped with nutritional yeast and coconut oil for color and health. Top the whole meal with a fresh healthy dose of lemon or lime or combo of the juice and serve right away.


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