An now – drum roll – introducing … Mimi Kirk

I just love Mimi Kirk. Mimi was my second inspiration after seeing Sanjay Gupta with The Last Heart Attack as posted previously. Mimi came into my vision in September 2011. Mimi is motivation. Just look at her. I saw this interview and she became my new hero. You only need to look and listen to her to know that she is doing something different that most of us. She is vital, fun, hip, sexy, modern, glowing and sharing her story with others.

It’s ok to be aging however old and decrepit doesn’t have to be. Aging with wellness is beautiful and sassy and people like Mimi show us the way to a fabulous life after 70 that doesn’t involve being feeble and sick. IT’S THE FOOD!

Mimi Kirk is amazing and I have a link on my blogroll to her website Young On Raw Food that is so worth checking out.

Mimi Kirk – thank you for being you and inspiring so many. You are rare however your flock of followers is growing and again I can’t stress this enough IT’S THE FOOD.

You will want to share Mimi with everyone as she just blows you out – IT’S THE FOOD. I have had the same transformation all from the change in the food. WOW!


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