Twisted Watermelon & Lemon Juice

Fresh Watermelon Lemon Juice to start off our dinner tonight with – ok really yummy.        Photos by Suzanne

It’s so easy to fall in love with Watermelon Juice. I purchased a small watermelon for $2 at the local green grocer. Brought it home and juiced it in my Magic Bullet blender. I added fresh squeezed lemon juice to the watermelon juice and whipped it up together to enjoy before dinner tonight. What a great way to start the evening with a fresh mouth cleanser like this. Watermelon Juice offers some good health benefits – so bottoms up. The Magic Bullet gives all my juices a beautiful frothy whipped up frenzy of flavors that we enjoy whenever we can. We like to have fun and take our “shots” of juices in a variety of fun glasses and shot glasses.  If you make enough juice it should last 2 days in the fridge – although it is pretty darn yummy so the chances of it lasting longer than a day are slim but you can try.

Make variations yourself and definitely have fun.


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