My Grazing Drawer in Kitchen

Ok so this is incredibly simple. Last year as we started off on our whole food plant based lifestyle I came up with this idea on how to use the tins that some of our food came in for storage. Then I had the brilliant idea that they would fit in a drawer in our kitchen and I could fill them up with different nuts, seeds, dried fruits of whatever you want including dates, figs, prunes, dried cherries and so on. You can see in this photo that I have pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and the darker foods are prunes, dates, cranberries. These tins are incredibly resilient, they hold alot of food stuffs of course you can pack more sunflower seeds into a tin than say dried prunes simply due to the size of the food itself. Everyone who comes to our house just LOVES the grazing drawer. Some items remain static and the tin always full as we buy bulk or on sale etc and new foods come and go. Its awesome for all the family and friends.  The teenagers love it – its FUN and they eat what’s in there without any pushing from anyone they simply dive in. Its a great way to educate children and nudge them towards good food. We pick and pack for breakfast, snacks for hiking, school, work snacks from this drawer all the time. The tins can move around in the drawer so you bring one forward and one back – you are involved and that makes it fun. Its proven to be so easy yet so fun. Everyone loves the grazing drawer and even better they can help themselves and as a result in my opinion they own what they put in their bodies and gain their own results. All ages from the little ones to the teens and right up to grandpa/grandma will love the grazing drawer in your home too.  This is my original idea – so easy – so effective – so fun.


One thought on “My Grazing Drawer in Kitchen

  1. We do something very similar! We got some small glass containers from IKEA and they are sitting on our counter! I’d much prefer to save the counter space and fit them in a drawer, but our tiny apartment kitchen is not very accommodating. But still, it’s a great reminder to throw in a handful of seeds or nuts into just about anything throughout the day.

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